Designed for Windows 8: Dell TP713 Wireless Touchpad

TP713 Wireless GesturePadWindows 8 was released, so it’s no wonder to see Windows 8 hardware available on the market, and speaking of which, we’ve been told about some special hardware from Dell South Africa that will enhance your Windows 8 experience.

If you don’t own a touchscreen monitor, the Dell TP713 wireless touchpad might add some interactivity to your Windows 8 experience. Dell TP713 comes with slim design and it supports multitouch, so you can use up to four fingers on its glass surface. Thanks to its large surface, you can swipe, draw, tap and scroll on the entire surface, from edge to edge.

The Dell TP713 wireless touchpad comes with USB RF nano dongle that is used for quick and easy setup, and at the same time, it allows you to use the touchpad from up to 32 feet distance. Dell TP713 touchpad uses two AAA batteries, and they can provide you with enough power for three months or use.

Dell TP713 wireless touchpad will work perfectly with Windows 8, and as for the price, this touchpad is priced at R636.12 Incl VAT and is available locally from WebAntics Online Shopping Store.

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