Turning 3G into Wi-Fi – VKOM 351W Portable Wi-Fi Modem Router

With a number of really solid, high bandwidth per month offerings from 8ta, MTN, Cell C and Vodacom, buying mobile data for the home is beginning to look like a very attractive proposition…

The problem is how do you share this in a home / office environment? The VKOM 351W portable Wi-Fi router provides the answer.

Easy to connect
This small black device includes a twistable connector at the top where you insert your USB modem. If you’ve dealt with routers before you’ll know that there’s a bit of set-up involved, which is also the case with the VKOM. Luckily it’s not too much of an efort, in fact setting up a router for an ADSL line is far more strenuous and involved. Using a webpage-based management system and following instructions from the device’s quick start guide, we were up and running in minutes. Once the VKOM is connected to the cellular data network, it forms a Wi-Fi hotspot onto which up to 32 devices, such as phones, printers, notebooks and tablets are able to connect wirelessly.

In regards to security, the default password is the MAC address located on the side of the 351W’s box, but this, along with other admin settings, can be changed in the web management interface. The 351W supports 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 settings, in order to prevent unauthorised access to the network.

Portable too
The VKOM 351W may find a permanent place in your home, but it also comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, making it a portable solution. It’s small enough to carry around, and with the USB connecter able to fold into the device, it should fit nicely in a suit pocket or a handbag. In theory the router should provide similar download speeds as your modem, but in practice this is not always the case. The speeds we achieved differed when we went online via the USB dongle connected to our PC locally, than when connected via the VKOM router. The VKOM 351W supports the 802.11n protocol (Wireless-N), and is capable of Wi-Fi speeds of up to 150 Mbps, allowing for better coverage in the office.

Final word
For those wanting to make use of current mobile data offers, the VKOM 351W will provide the means to use a 3G modem to form a portable hotspot.

To purchase the VKOM 351W portable Wi-Fi router or for more information, you can contact WebAntics Online on 011 839 0716 or visit www.webantics.co.za


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  1. Ben 22 July, 2015 at 14:54

    I bought a used router (351w) Vkom. It wants a password in setup. How do i get this. I have no box etc Do i use the Simm Pin number

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