Reduce your electricity bill with the Power Buddy Energy Saver Device

Electricity costs you significantly more now than a year ago, and significant electricity tariff increases are also going to be coming over the next few years!  If this is a concern for y0u, then read on for more information.

– Made In SAThe Power Buddy will typically pay for itself in a period of 3 to 6 months and it also extends the life of all of your appliances! The unit will work in single phase homes, but has application in 3 phase homes too.  A larger unit specifically for heavy load 3 phase homes and industry is also available. As your stove and Geyser have their own circuits, Power Buddy will not reduce electricity consumption on these items. There is another product called the Geyser Master that will yield a 40 to 45% saving on your geyser running costs!

The Power Buddy Eco Friendly Energy Saver Device unit will reduce your electricity bill and save you money. It works as a Power Correction Factoring device that simply prevents electrical spikes and smooth’s out the current flow. Power Buddy requires no specialist fitment! Just plug it into any plug socket (preferably as close as possible to your DB Board) and let it do its work. Power Buddy will save electricity with regard to appliances such as your washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, swimming pool pump, hair dryer, to name a few. You can SAVE 10% – 20% on electricity bills. The Power Buddy also acts as a voltage stabilizer and therefore supplies load with proper voltage during momentary power surges.

– Easy Installation
– No Re-Wiring Needed
– No Maintenance
– Prolong Appliance Life
– Money Back Guarantee
– 2 Year Warranty

This is not a gimmick, it works! This fantastic product that saves you money every month with no maintenance and by saving electricity, every household will also reduce the strain on the National Power Grid!The Guarantee on the Power Buddy is that if you show no significant savings after 90 days, simply return the unit in its original packaging and you will be refunded your money – it’s that easy!

The typical Inductive loads include the following:
– Fridges – Pool Pumps – Freezers – Air conditioners – Washing Machines – Vacuum Cleaners – Tumble Dryers – Dish Washers etc.

Installation of the Powerbuddy is very easy. Just plug the unit into any socket on your premises. For safe and reliable operation, we recommend that the unit is plugged into a wall socket closest to your distribution board (DB) and not an extension lead.

The Power Buddy is now available from WebAntics Online for R495.00 Incl VAT and you can have it delivered to your door


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