Go with ‘Gold’ For Protection of Privacy

Gold is in, but a gold privacy filter is largely unheard of in South Africa – but the 3M Gold Netbook and Laptop Privacy Filters show a reflective golden screen when viewed from the side. Having listened to their customers’ complaints about previous 3M filters being too dark and obscuring visibility, the new gold privacy screen has a glossy surface that improves the viewing of text and images without having users resort to turning up their laptop’s brightness level to the maximum.

3M Privacy Filters are excellent for open, high traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept secure. The filters work like tiny vertical blinds to block information, from a side view, unlike other privacy filters which just blur information, but could still allow information to be read. A data privacy solution ideal for laptops and LCD monitors in any exposed environment. The unique attachment system means the privacy filter can remain inside the laptop even when closed. Easily removable to allow screen sharing when privacy is not required.

Available already at WebAntics.co.za, the filters are priced from R571.76 to R1,305.98

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