The DUALphone 4088 – Skype and landline phone

The popular Skype user interface and the attractive colour display gives you tomorrow’s telephone today and for the future, supporting HD audio. The DUALphone 4088 is an expandable phone system with multi line functionality for up to 4 handsets (2 Skype accounts), and can handle up to 2 parallel calls (1 Skype and 1 fixed landline call).

So why choose between Skype and your land line when you can get the best of both worlds in one phone? The DUALphone 4088 allows you to switch between Skype and land line calls on the same phone without the need for a computer. The 4088 replaces a standard landline (analogue) handset and also plugs directly into a broadband Internet connection for instant access to Skype.

Call, and receive calls from anyone else that’s also on Skype – whether they’re on a computer, mobile, tablet or even a TV. Need to speak to someone who’s not on Skype? Use Skype to call their mobile or landline instead at low rates.

Skype is becoming increasingly popular as a means to communicate with others, especially within families who have relatives overseas. The DUALphone 4088 lets users experience all of the benefits of Skype without a computer, so anyone can make free ‘Skype-to-Skype’ calls from this convenient handset, which also functions as a landline phone. Users can make and receive Skype calls seamlessly on the same handset that they make and receive landline calls.

“The DUALphone 4088 is cordless due to Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, delivering the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones without interfering with WiFi networks,” says Ross Griffiths, Product Manager for the DUALphone.

The DUALphone 4088 is available in black or white with a recommended retail price of R1 299, inclusive of VAT however it is currently on promotion at WebAntics Online for R999.99 Incl VAT for a limited period. There are also bundles available with 2 handsets @ R1,549.99 Incl VAT, 3 handsets @ R2,099.99 Incl VAT and 4 handsets @ R2,699.99 incl VAT. More information on where to buy, contact WebAntics Online on 011 839 0716 or visit us at

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