HD PVR Updated….finally!

Multichoice announced earlier today that they had released a new software update for their popular HD PVR.  This new software introduces two brand new features for their HD clients – DStv ON DEMAND as well as Series Recordings and in addition some more interactive services, Aspect ratio options, mail messaging options and some general software enhancements.

DStv ON DEMAND offers you the opportunity to catch up on a selection of your favourite series & sporting highlights for up to 7 days after their first broadcast on DStv. This feature is only available to DStv Premium subscribers.

• To access DStv ON DEMAND, press TV GUIDE and select the 3rd menu option.
• The programmes download over time, so don’t be alarmed if only a few titles are listed when you first visit DStv ON DEMAND. The programmes download in the background, even when normal recordings are taking place as well as when the decoder is in standby.
• Although every effort is made to ensure HD content as part of the DStv ON DEMAND offering, certain programmes (example : Carte Blanche) as well as some sporting events, are not broadcast in HD and those programmes will be in Standard Definition.
• DStv ON DEMAND is also available online, with more than 300 hours of your favourite TV series, movies and sports from DSTV’s lineup available 24/7 and updated daily

Series Recordings allows you to now set series recordings across over 25 channels for certain available programmes!  To set a series recording, press REC and then select to Record all episodes in this series. Future episodes of this series (limited to the current season and the channel on which you set the series recording) will automatically be recorded

This software was sent to your HD PVR earlier this morning. To check if your HD PVR has the latest software, press TV GUIDE. If the 3rd menu item is DStv OnDemand, then your HD PVR has the latest software. If not, follow these instructions:

• Ensure that there are no recordings in progress (or scheduled for the next hour)
• Reboot the decoder (switch power off / switch power on), wait for full video & audio to resume
• Press MENU to load the Decoder Menu
• Select Advanced Options
• Enter 9949
• Select DSD Upgrade
• Wait for the RED button to appear and then press RED to initiate the software download
• Warning! Do not interrupt the download process (it could take up to 40 minutes) and wait for normal video and audio to resume

Note : If the RED button does not appear, your decoder may have already received the updated software. If your decoder does not have the latest software AND the RED button does not appear on the DSD Upgrade screen as indicated above, please send your contact details and smartcard number to fieldtrials@multichoice.co.za.


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