7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

I’m going to give you seven reasons why you should use WordPress to build your website or blog at paws main media we use and recommend WordPress we’re huge fans but in this video I’ll give you the reasons as to why we use this great content management system now you’ve probably heard of WordPress WordPress is an open source content management system used to create websites and manage the content on those websites now WordPress is currently powering 30 percent of the entire Internet and among the most popular content management systems

it’s the outright favorite now why is itso popular let me give you seven reasons number one it’s open source and free to download and use number two it’s powerful you can use it to build small simple blogs or you can build larger-commerce stores membership sites or whatever sites you need number three it’s well maintained and supported by a committed team of developers number four it’s stable the development team regularly releases major updates and security patches number five it’s user friendly it’s really simple to use compared to many other platforms and website builders number six it’s extensible and scalable you can start small and expand your site as it grows and last but not least number seven it’s SEO optimized so for search engine optimization WordPress is well optimized right out the box there are a few tweaks that you’ll want to make including updating your permalink structure and optimizing each individual piece of content but the foundations are solids for your content to be indexed by the search engines and found online another thing is that google has also decided to partner and invest in fast tracking the development of WordPress with the aim to jumpstart the platform support of the latest web technologies particularly those involving performance and the mobile experience so I personally use WordPress for my own sites and my client sites and I recommend WordPress to anybody wanting to launch their own website and if you’re ready to learn more about WordPress and set up your own site then I invite you to check out our free wordpress launch guide which is an easy to follow step by step guide to help you launch your own WordPress site and start publishing content online I’ll Leave a link to that free guide.


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