Bluehost ‘WordPress Pro’ – Managed WordPress Hosting Reviewed: Worth the Extra Money?

Bluehost may be famous for their cheap shared hosting, however today they’re offering superior managed WordPress web hosting alongside their cheap choices. Consequently, if you are wondering if their new WP Guru handled WordPress hosting programs are worth the extra dollars or not, this write-up will help you to choose.

In this review, we’ll explore what you get with Bluehost’s WP Professional plans, also also assess the features and requirements together with those of their lower-priced shared programs .

We will also seem in the speed and uptime of our websites hosted over the Bluehost WP Pro and programs that are shared. The tests, performed with Pingdom and Load Impact, also take a look at their ability.

By time you have completed this particular inspection, you will know if the Bluehost WP Guru handled WordPress hosting agency is right for your internet site, of course, when it’s worth the additional money compared with shared hosting and also the additional managed internet hosting plans out there.

Let’s get started…

Concerning the Bluehost WP Professional Options

With a number of the lowest-priced ideas which include features and specifications, it’s easy to become enticed by Bluehost web hosting ideas.

However, hosting is not proper for everybody else. Some sites need more funds than hosting can present to deliver a good user experience. Not just that, however a few internet site owners prefer to have the activities entailed with managing a WordPress web site taken their hands off on.

So, as the Bluehost shared plans represent great value for money — on paper at least — they’re not suitable for almost every type of web site.

That’s where handled WordPress internet web hosting comes in, and, specifically, the Bluehost WP Pro service.

What Exactly Is BLUEHOST MANAGED WP Professional Internet Hosting?

The launch of WP Guru sees Bluehost enter into contest with businesses such as Kinsta, Pagely and WP Engine, that give attention to handled WordPress web hosting, in addition to hosts such as DreamHost, which might be primarily known because of his or her shared options, however today offer premium WordPress hosting ideas as well.

We’ll Learn More about the Qualities of WP Pro in more detail in this review, however a Few of the motives to Look at this support include:

  • A one-hour concierge call to help one to place your accounts and internet site
  • the power to host your own web site onto a host optimized for WordPress
  • automated website backups
  • optional automated WordPress applications, plugin and motif upgrades
  • the capacity to sponsor an infinite quantity of WordPress sites
  • no traffic, storage or bandwidth constraints
  • a re-vamped Bluehost internet site and accounts management dashboard
  • usage of jet-pack (subscription determined on which WP Guru plan you decide on ).

The features’ objective will be to simply help your site perform better, while in addition simplifying the procedure for looking and launching after having a WordPress site and to load faster.

However, since a few of these features will also be on the Bluehost shared plans, it could be challenging to choose whether or not it’s well worth paying the excess cash to your WP Guru service. By the time you’ve completed looking at through this post you will know that which is the correct choice for your project.

Earlier we all find out if such brand new plans stay up with their own advertising claims, let us see how much Bluehost WP Professional prices and exactly what these plans include, along with the price of these shared web hosting options for comparison.

Bluehost WordPress Guru Pricing

All of the Bluehost WP Pro handled hosting plans come with plenty of functions and tools.

Here’s a break down.

Bluehost WP Guru Managed WordPress Hosting Programs:

The recently started Bluehost WP professional ideas are intended to compete using the managed WordPress hosting plans out of businesses like Kinsta and also WP motor, and their costs reflect that.

They are only available for new clients, As the headline charges are comparatively cheap for managed WordPress hosting. After your very first payment time interval has ended, you are going to pay the typical costs , that are recorded below in mounts. However, because your very first payment may cover upto 36 weeks of hosting, then you’ll save quite a little when you are prepared to devote extended duration.

  • WP Guru Build: By $19.95 ($29.99) monthly for unlimited sites, storage and bandwidth.
  • WP Guru mature: By $29.95 ($39.99) a month to get unlimited sites, bandwidth and storage, and jet-pack high quality.
  • WP Guru Scale: By $49.95 ($59.99) a month for unlimited websites, bandwidth and storage, plus jet pack expert.

Even the prices are related to many different businesses operating within this space. However, if you take in to consideration the fact each plan incorporates infinite storage, bandwidth and visitor amounts, together with the power to host unlimited sites, then the Bluehost WP Pro plans seem to provide you far better worth — on paper, at least.

That said, as one among the main motives to opt for managed WordPress web hosting is quicker loading times, boundless bandwidth and storage wont matter a lot in the event that you wind up getting a slow website.

BLUEHOST Shared-hosting Rates

One approach to determine if the WP Professional programs are well worth is by comparing them with more lower-priced choices.

When it comes to cheap hosting, why Bluehost involve some of those lowest-priced programs approximately , thus, compared with the common strategies, which start out off at $2.95 a month to get its promotional rate and then $7.99 monthly in the regular speed , the WP professional plans don’t seem to provide decent value for money.

Good handled WordPress web hosting ought to offer much more than shared hosting when it has to do with features, performance and service, nevertheless, which is the reason why it costs — and why people are eager to pay the extra.

After in this specific review, you’re discover the operation evaluation outcomes that show whether WP Guru is an managed WordPress web hosting agency that’s well worth the extra cash.

Just before that, however, let us take a good peek at the features of the managed WordPress web hosting programs, together with comparisons of what’s available on the shared strategies, to allow you to determine whether paying for WP Pro is really a excellent expenditure.

JETPACK High Quality AND Expert ACCESS

Because you are able to see above, the Bluehost WP Pro expand and Scale options (but perhaps not exactly the backend Build Plan) comprise contributors into the jet-pack Premium and expert plans, respectively. Whilst the jet pack Premium program fees $9 a month and the Pro strategy $29 a month, with some exact practical features in both, this enhances the value of the WP Pro plans.

Some of those highlights of programs and the Jet Pack Top Quality include:

  • Daily (high quality program ) and real-time (Professional prepare ) automatic copies with VaultPress
  • brute force attack protection, malware scan and safety fixes
  • enhanced WordPress website investigation via Elasticsearch (expert plan just )
  • access to significantly more than 200 superior WordPress themes (skilled strategy only)
  • and a great deal additional .

Although you’ll be able to host unlimited WordPress web sites on all of the WP Pro plans, you may just make use of the features of this Premium or skilled subscription on just one page from the accounts.

In the event that you want to find out more on the subject of Jetpack and the way that it is able to help your own WordPress web site, our supreme guide to this agency will get you up to speed.

While a Jetpack subscription seems appealing, Bluehost WP professional aren’t the only real managed WordPress internet hosting agency to include access to this paid Jetpack programs, with the DreamHost DreamPress, Pressable along with company ideas also incorporating this add-on.

As that you never get access to some paid Jetpack subscription on any of those Bluehost shared plans, this improves the value of the WP Guru expand and Scale strategies, while in addition helping to simplify the procedure for maintaining your website secure and safe.


When it has to do with internet site copies, depending which program you opt for there’s a significant lot of gap in the features. As an example, even once we have just found, in the event you decide on that the Bluehost WP Guru Grow and Scale programs, then you are going to have the ability touse VaultPress to rear up your WordPress website.

As VaultPress is one of many very best backup options for WordPress, this attribute absolutely must not be overlooked.

Some of those Bluehost WP Pro plans include the VaultPress backup platform, but also the plans that are common don’t.

But, all the WP Guru plans, including the entry-level WP Guru Build strategy, comprise automatic every day WordPress blog backups, having the capacity to make backups on demand by means of CodeGuard. Whilst CodeGuard is lacking VaultPress features, like the ability to restore parts of a backup (e.g. just the database or simply the themes folder), it does straight back your own WordPress site.

Only the most effective two expensive Bluehost shared programs contain internet site copies.

However on the Bluehost the operation is constrained. The top-two common plans — option Plus and Pro — include usage of CodeGuard copies, although it is a simpler version compared with the service on the WP Professional plans. Because of the, you must require the automated daily copies, and can’t make copies yourself.

Alas , the two lower-priced Basic and additionally shared programs do not include some backup equipment in any respect, which means you are going to need to obtain your solution. But , you really do have the choice of paying Bluehost added to put in backups but that will increase the costs of running the site.

If your fully featured backup system is important for your requirements personally, then paying extra for Bluehost WP Pro, especially in the event you gain access to jet-pack, if be a lot easier to warrant.


Some of many benefits of picking WordPress hosting over most sorts of hosting that is regular is your WordPress applications , plugins and topics are automatically updated.

All the Bluehost shared and WP Pro plans includes optional updates.

Using Bluehost, the hosting options and also both plans provide you with the ability to enable automatic upgrades you’ve mounted. It is nevertheless At the same time that you can not enable this for plugins.

The WP Guru plans don’t have some features within the plans that make them better value, when it comes to automatic updates.

Protection Functions

In addition to automated software upgrades, additional features developed to continue to keep your internet site secure are available about the Bluehost strategies. One instance of this is use of SiteLock, also a site security services. But while the Bluehost shared and this is included by WP Pro hosting, you obtain various degrees of usage of SiteLock based on which strategy you opt for.

Most the Bluehost options incorporate several website protection functions, however you also do have a lot more.

Therefore, while with Bluehost shared hosting SiteLock may monitor your website for protection issues, it is merely about the WP Guru plans that you’ll be able to use it in order to resolve any problems if they are found, including as for example malware.

There are a few security features that are on most of programs, like the power to check the ethics of the heart WordPress files and SSL certification that is totally free for all of the websites you’re hosting onto your own account. If your WP Pro plan comprises a jet-pack subscription, then then you have access to the security functions with that service, as well.

Paying further for WP Guru does get you access to security attributes, helping to make it a much greater expenditure for those who are serious about preserving their web page protected.

Assist Alternatives

If you decide on one of the Bluehost shared or WP Pro plans, you will be in a position to contact support team 24/7 via telephone or live chat number.

Then you’ll need to select either the Grow or even Scale WP Pro options, but not the backend Build strategy In the event that you’d love to be able to speak to the service staff by means of electronic mail. These two WP professional options also have access into this Bluehost blue-sky services which allows one to get WordPress experts who can assist you with your website.

Bluesky provides you with assistance, and is included around the WP Professional plans or like a paid add-in with all the programs.

When using Bluehost for this evaluation, it had been simple to connect to this chat staff, however their hints didn’t consistently appear to become helpful and knowledgeable as those of other hosts, such as SiteGround along with WP Engine.

Then there isn’t much cause, In the event you feel the typical live discussion and telephone channels can suffice. If you would prefer a bit of extra help setting up your site, as well as also the capability to turn into’WordPress experts’ if something goes wrong, you may discover that the WP Guru plans really are worth paying extra for.


Whether you select Bluehost shared hosting or their premium WP Professional service is effortless. Simply locate the master plan you want to register to the appropriate page of these website, and then enter the details.


In the event you have but to enroll for a domain name for the site, you certainly can do up approach, and, this can help reduce your website installation costs, as you get the first year’s domain registration at no cost. If you presently own a site , or else you choose to enroll you elsewhere, you can easily assign it for your Bluehost account.


Once you’ve completed and paid registering up, you should start creating your WordPress website that is new right away. If you should be developing a WordPress site, both the common and hosting plans come with a wizard which walks you throughout the approach.

The Bluehost installment wizard intends to simplify the process of starting a fresh WordPress site.

You can answer some questions about your website throughout the wizard, and Bluehost will subsequently recommend important plugins and configure your site suitably, e.g. by creating a weblog or triggering an e commerce plugin. In addition, you get the possiblity to pick a theme for the site from your pick which is publicly available through The very best tier WP Guru plan also has use of greater than 200 high quality topics from, by way of the jet pack subscription, so helping reduce some of the costs involved in establishing a fresh site.

The listing in your Bluehost dash board summarizes the steps that which you might need to have to establish your new site.

And soon you’re prepared to really go stay helpfully, there is a forthcoming soon page displayed onto your internet site.

Also, in case you register with a few of the WP Pro plans, you can get help creating your site by using the contained one-hour Companion telephone, or solving problems by your Tooth WordPress professional.


Even the Bluehost account and internet site management dash has been refreshed and now appears excellent, although making it rather easy to discover the settings and further features readily available on your plan. Both shared and hosting plans utilize precisely exactly the dashboard, but also you gain access to different settings and controls depending on which program you have chosen.

The Bluehost portal is properly developed and easy to navigate.

As a result of the ease of usage, you access the backups, and may quickly configure characteristics like upgrades and the system.

Many elements of the way your WordPress internet site works can be configured through the Bluehost account dash.

In the event you want, you might also make use of the software to configure work and your account with the capabilities that are accessible. Then the WP Guru plans give you if you still want this amount of access, but although cPanel is available on managed WordPress internet hosting ideas.

The Bluehost portal site also includes connections to regions where you’re able to buy add-ons for your account and plugins for the internet site, in addition to themes. Because of this, Bluehost manages to supply a centralized location where you can make and take care of your site, and find services and tools to enhance it.

We understand very well what you get onto the different plans from Bluehost, it’s time to see how our internet sites hosted around WP Professional plans and the common conducted in our evaluations.

Bluehost WP Pro Compared to Shared Hosting Efficiency Test Outcomes

That will enable you to decide whether or not it is worth paying for WP Pro, we utilized Pingdom to track the loading times and uptime of the evaluation internet sites hosted about the Bluehost shared and handled WordPress programs. We also utilized the Load Impact service to mimic several customers obtaining these sites to understand the method by which they take care of surges in visitors.

Here are the results…


To rate the performance of WP Guru, we set up WordPress websites on the Bluehost ideas and also on these programs. We employed Pingdom to monitor the speed of the internet web sites to seek out their ordinary loading times and then installed a heavyweight theme or a free theme.


To find out just the way Bluehost WP professional contrasts together with the lower-priced shared service when it comes to hosting a simple site or uncomplicated site we now installed the 20 Nineteen theme on among our test sites. 20 Nineteen is an excellent instance of a very popular, lightweight and nominal theme.

Twenty Nineteen can be a free theme for generating sites and essential websites with WordPress.

Following publishing a article containing text and an picture, Pingdom has been place to list the rate of this page in 30-minute periods. After seven days of observation, the average loading times ended up 1.08 seconds for the site hosted over the shared plan along with also 1.44 minutes to the WP Pro-hosted website.

The normal load times of the sites employing the lightweight motif had been 1.08 moments on the shared plan along with also 1.44 minutes over the WP Professional strategy.

Our test site hosted on a more economical common plan was more faster than the usual test site hosted on the overall efficiency WordPress Pro program that is more expensive and supposedly high.

Here’s the breakdown of all this loading events recorded by Pingdom for the test site hosted on the program Utilizing a Light Weight theme:

The loading situations recorded by Pingdom of observation the site in the shared plan using a motif that was lightweight, throughout seven days.

Here is actually the breakdown out of Pingdom of the loading times of the evaluation site using a Light Weight theme hosted on the WP Guru plan:

The loading intervals recorded by Pingdom of tracking the site utilizing a light weight motif during a week.

While the site was not quicker than the shared-hosted site about the handled WordPress hosting prepare, it wasn’t loading quickly. Whilst the loading period results in our SiteGround review reveal , the test site about the Bluehost shared plan was more slower than our test web sites hosted similarly priced strategies offered everywhere. Bluehost have been also the slowest server when we compared them with GoDaddy and SiteGround, also in our Bluehost compared to HostGator contrast .

As a result of this, it really is fair to say WP professional did seem slow as the site in the hosting approach that is was really rapidly .

However the Bluehost WP Professional plans are far better in hosting even complex internet sites utilizing multi-purpose themes that are heavy-weight. Let us find out…


In the event you wish to create an even more complex site, then picking out one of those modern multipurpose topics that are obtainable for WordPress is a wonderful idea. But , they are able to increase the document size and complexity of one’s website drastically, frequently leading in slower loading times, especially in comparison to light weight topics, for example as for instance Twenty Nineteen.

Avada is one of many most feature rich and popular premium topics for WordPress.

Thus, with that in mind, we now also monitored the loading intervals of two evaluation web sites making use of Avada, one of those top selling multipurpose WordPress topics readily available today. Like before, one particular website was set up about the Bluehost shared plan and one other over the Bluehost WP Professional managed hosting program.

After importing the Avada company internet site presentation and triggering the most plugins that are recommended, the speed of the home pages of the evaluation sites were listed every 30 minutes. After 7 days of monitoring, the ordinary load time of the internet website hosted on the shared strategy was 2.76 seconds, while the typical load time of your website to the more expensive WP Pro strategy was 3.53 seconds.

The loading intervals of the evaluation websites hosted on the shared and WP Pro plans.

Once more, based to Pingdom, the site hosted in the shared plan was faster in relation to your website on the WP Professional services, that will be promoted as with ‘improved functionality for asynchronous site speeds’.

Following Is a breakdown of the loading times listed by Pingdom to your site hosted on the shared hosting program using the Avada theme:

The loading situations recorded throughout seven days of tracking your website on the shared plan.

Here really can be the breakdown of these loading times to the website hosted by WP Professional using the Avada motif:

The loading times listed by Pingdom throughout a week of tracking the site on the WP Guru plan utilizing a heavyweight topic.


When talking with Bluehost support through live chat concerning why the websites hosted over the WP Professional plans have been loading fairly little by little and gradually, the staff member did say that the sites must not be sluggish and also I should take to and optimize them to improve functionality .

As the Bluehost ca-ching along with CDN have been switched for all four test web sites previous to the tracking started, I didn’t feel it was fair to take other actions to optimize the internet web sites, like installing third party caching plugins and using additional solutions, as that wasn’t what we had achieved when reviewing other hosting providers.

However, out of curiosity, I did install WP Super Cache, one of the absolute most widely used WordPress caching plugins, however, even that had no noticeable effect to the loading situations. However, there are several other caching plugins outthere, such as the premium WP-Rocket along with free W3 Complete Cache, that you can use to try to increase web sites hosted by Bluehost.

WP PRO Web Page Velocity SUMMARY

Overallthe loading times of the four internet web sites hosted over the Bluehost shared and WP Pro plans ended up quite unsatisfactory. Surprisinglythe websites around the shared programs were more faster than people on the WP Professional ideas, but, as mentionedthey certainly were slower than other shared hosting hosting suppliers, for example as for instance HostGator, GoDaddy and SiteGround.

While our sites on the shared hosting plans were more faster than those on the WP Guru plans, they certainly weren’t too quickly as people on plans supplied with additional hosts.

The speed of Bluehost WP Guru has been substantially slower than similarly priced options we’ve tested from Flywheel, Kinsta, fluid Web, Pressable and also WP motor to mention only afew.

LOAD IMPACT Efficiency Screening Effects

As well as tracking the rate of their test websites with Pingdom to seek out their typical loading times, we also used the premium Load Impact provider to see how well the web sites hosted by Bluehost could actually deal with numerous visitors obtaining them simultaneously.

To find this out, Load Impact was set to simulate multiple users accessing your website at the same time, beginning with a virtual user (VU) and increasing to 200 within a five-minute time period. While the evaluation had been running, Load Impact continually listed the answer times of their websites to find exactly what influence the visitors needed on their performance.

For these evaluations, the homepages of those sites on the shared and also WP Pro plans that were the r Avada WordPress motif and its particular Agency web site demo put in were tracked. Below are the outcome…


From the results below, the blue line represents the range of digital customers (VUs) accessing the site, while the green line indicates the response days of this page currently being tracked.

The test site about the Bluehost Shared strategy became unresponsive at roughly 8 9 simultaneous VUs.

The reply time of the site around the Bluehost shared hosting plan stayed inside a decent scope until around 8 9 VUs ended up obtaining it in an identical time. After that, the site became more unresponsive. For low-cost shared hosting, then this is in fact decent, demonstrating if you sponsor a site working with a heavyweight theme about the shared plan and your website experiences a small surge in visitors it should remain reactive.


To show whether WP Guru is well worth paying more for as it has to do with operation, the exact very same test was conducted using our site hosted to the Bluehost managed WordPress support. But on the chart below, the blue line again represents the quantity of virtual consumers (VUs), whereas the green line indicates the reaction times of the web page.

The evaluation site on the Bluehost managed WordPress hosting plan became unresponsive in approximately 97 simultaneous VUs.

Your website over the WP Professional approach did work somewhat better compared to the common hosted internet website, remaining responsive until you will find around 97 simultaneous VUs obtaining it. But, we have analyzed other managed WordPress hosts at an identical price bracket which have handled 200 simultaneous VUs with no problem, including Kinsta along with WP motor .

Therefore, whilst the shared plan played relatively well under great pressure, WP professional was unable to match the operation of other handled hosts we’ve tested.


Unlike many internet hosts, for example lots of inexpensive WordPress internet web hosting services, Bluehost have no a uptime warranty in place. Even though they plan for 99.7% uptimethey don’t back this using a money-back warranty, as is common with many different hosts.

Three of the four test web sites hosted by Bluehost undergone any downtime throughout 7 times of observation.

However, while Pingdom did detect consequences on among our evaluation internet sites when tracking them for per week, then the more downtime rates failed to drop under 99.93 percent. It is worth pointing out while 99.93% uptime appears amazing, it is still the same of half an hour and 8 minutes of downtime over the plan of per calendar year.

Notably, it had been both websites hosted by WP Pro that undergone the most downtime, implying that it’s not really worth paying for this service if uptime is still a priority.

Bluehost WP Pro Technical Details

Below are some more technical Specifics about the Bluehost WP Pro handled WordPress hosting plans to simply assist You to Choose if this is really a ceremony That You Want to pay extra for:

  • Site Ca Ching: The Bluehost in house caching platform can be found on most of plans.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): All programs have accessibility to a International CDN.
  • PHP: Choice of PHP variants including 5.6, 7.0 and 7.2, automatically using the most recent version.
  • HTTP/2.0: HTTP/2.0 is allowed on all programs.
  • SSL: no cost SSL certifications from let us Encrypt are employed to your sites immediately, or you may utilize your own certificates from anyplace.
  • SFTP: you are able to access your server distance by means of SFTP as well as the selection of customer.
  • Server file manager: The server distance could be accessed by way of the cPanel browser-based file manager.
  • Database entry: The WordPress internet site data bases can be obtained through phpMyAdmin.
  • Email agency: The plans come with a email support.
  • WordPress website management: you’re able to empower automated WordPress center, plugin and/or motif upgrades.
  • Plugin limitations: not like some other handled WordPress internet web hosting programs, you’ll find not any restrictions which WordPress plugins you may install on your own WP Professional ideas.
  • Security actions: Safety features are all given through SiteLock and Jetpack, that is available on a number of the WP Professional plans plus it has its own security capabilities .
  • Post-hack cleaning services: Bluehost don’t have a service to resolve web sites that have been hacked, although some programs include accessibility to SiteLock that may assist with this.
  • Information center spots: The Bluehost information centre is at Utah, Western US, and that’s where they host all their customers’ internet sites. You can make utilize of the added CDN usage of distribute your site articles around the whole world.
  • Espresso websites: The ideas incorporate a staging tool for WordPress.
  • WordPress website migration: although there’s not a completely no cost WordPress web site migration assistance, you may fork out $149 to get Bluehost to move upto 5 of your WordPress web sites to your own servers. Instead, you certainly can perform it yourself using a migration plug in .
  • Up time checks and guarantee Bluehost don’t check the websites they host for consequences, and, whilst they aim for 99.7% uptime, so there’s no guarantee or even SLA inplace for thisparticular.
  • Help channels: 24/7 live chat and telephone assistance are offered on all plans. Ticket support is available via the Bluehost Bluesky service which is added to some of the WP Pro ideas . A number of the WP professional strategies also include things like access to this premium Jetpack support channel.

Ideally, that answers.

Last Thoughts

If you register upto this Bluehost WP Guru managed WordPress hosting service when it regards affordability, you get access to lots of generous adjustments and features.

The costs contrast with the WordPress internet hosting options from some different businesses within this field. And, since we have just seen, you can get yourself a couple more features for the cash compared with the lower-priced Bluehost shared plans.

However, it’s impossible to ignore the bad performance of our evaluation websites hosted with WP Pro.

Our websites hosted on the WP professional options proved also out-performed by our sites to the substantially more economical Bluehost shared programs. Therefore, as you might get use of more features like also a jet pack subscription and a backup system, to the WP Pro plans, it is tricky to state that upgrading out of the shared programs to this WP Guru plans is worth the additional cash.

Furthermore, believing that there are speedier managed WordPress servers out there there using comparable rates, if performance is important to you (that it must be), you will receive better value elsewhere.

There was really just actually a 30day money-back assure set up thus, if you enticed, you also can sign up up, create your site and determine how well it’s to figure out yourself if WP professional is well worth the extra cash.

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