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I still remember when i was done with my high school exams and wanted to start a blog and make money through adsense. Back then credit card wasn’t popular in Ghana and so buying namecheap was not possible for an SHS graduate. So i resulted to buying hosting for a malaysian hosting provider with perfect money payment method which happened to be substandard but after some year when i got my credit card i moved to a more professional hosting provider called Hostgator and i will teach you how to buy domains cheaply form them.

What are Hostgator coupons

We know coupons are tickets that reduces the prices of products, in similar way hostgator coupons are coupons that reduces the prices of their hosting plans. This makes hostgator hosting very affordable to the masses.

Wait…are hostgator coupons for renewals

Unfortunately no!, hostgator coupons are mainly for first time customers. If you already have a plan with hostgator and want to renew with coupons am afraid that will not work.

Where can i get hostgator coupons

There are several places one can get hostgator coupons, the first is to check the official hostgator website another avenue to get hostgator coupons is to check their affiliates sites.

Hostgator has thousands of partners known as affiliate who provide coupons to their user and subscribers.

List of of sites to get hostgator coupons

Below are some few sources you can get hostgator coupons


Hostgator is perhaps the largest hosting company in the world offering shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hostingand cloud hosting. Hostgator is used by millions of webmasters around the world, make sure you get a coupon to lower the cost of the hosting.

Hostgator also offers domain names, you can buy domains and host it on hostgator. Thanks for reading and please do well to share.

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