Companies That Build Websites – Freelancers, Local Web Designers, Agencies, and Website Builders!!

I’m gonna cover the different types of companies or entities that you can use to build your website I’ve been building websites for seven years and in dealing with prospects and clients and also looking at competitors that are out there we’re also building websites I have a good feel for what different types of companies are out there some of the account pitfalls of looking for a web design company and some of the advantages or disadvantages to different size companies or companies located in different states or different parts of the globe so I’m gonna go through the different types of entities or companies you could use to build a website kind of starting from small list and then going to the largest types of companies so the first entity I want to mention is not really a company but its friends and family I have a lot of prospects and clients who maybe came to me after using a friend or family member to build their website kind of as a favor so this is great if you’re

starting off and you don’t have a really large budget so maybe your friend is just gonna do a website for you for free so this works out great in the beginning but people often I have a lot of clients who’ve run into issues with this because they maybe lose touch with a friend or this person’s doing it as a favor so they’re not getting great service or response time so usually you’re gonna outgrow this so keep in mind that it’s it’s an option if you find a friend or family member to do it but it might not be a great long-term option so the next thing I’ll mention is freelancers these are usually individuals who are working on an hourly basis you may be able to find them locally through referrals and contacts but a lot of times you’re going to look online and a website like up were calm that I use to find freelancers so keep in mind that freelancers are often doing this on the side so they might have a full-time job maybe a web design job in there doing side projects you know in their off time so you might not get the same response as working with a company they might be you know working in the evenings or something like that so that’s important to keep in mind with freelancers if you go on a site like upwork and search for web designers you’re

to get reviews hourly rates their location and you could contact them to get a price and interact with them there before you choose to work with that freelancer so the next type of company I want to mention is local web designers or agencies so this would be kind of be a step up from a freelancer I’d expect this to be a web designer working full-time so they’re always going to be available which is different from a freelancer who might be doing this work as a kind of like a side gig but a lot of times to find a local web designer it might be through a referral or you might just go to google and type in web designer near me so if I were to do that in my town in Colorado I could just click on one of the google map listings and I want to show you a typical local web designer they’re all going to be different but this is a good example of one so if I click on one of their buttons on their web site here it looks like it’s a wife and husband teams maybe just a team of two cattell they’re kind of creative because it talks about photography filmmaker aerialist writer so I could probably contact this couple and go meet with them and talk about the project so some people might really like the idea of having someone local because you can meet face-to-face you might pay a premium for this but it’s gonna be worth it for some people looking to just have that personal relationship with a web designer if you’re not sure whether or not you need a local web designer I actually wrote a post on this topic to kind of explain the benefits of working with someone local and then some of the disadvantages to limiting yourself to only the companies or web designers that are near you so I’ll link to that post in the description so the next type of company I want to mention is what I would consider a small agency so to me this is like a web design agency of maybe five to ten people they might be local to you you could definitely find some local ones depending on where you’re where you’re at

but they might be national too so they probably located somewhere but they’re doing work for clients around the country so that’s how I operate I have a small team

you know five to ten people and I work with clients all over the country to create websites and work mainly over email and phone because we can’t meet face-to-face unless they’re local to me so one of the benefits being willing to work with a web designer or small agency that’s not in the close proximity is used open up the options a lot you’re gonna have hundreds of companies to choose from rather than just the ones that are in close proximity to you another benefit of working with a smaller agency is a price probably gonna be a little bit lower than some of the larger agencies I’m gonna mention next and also smaller agencies probably have a big enough team where they can also offer other services like I do

pay-per-click Google as management for a lot of my clients some small agencies might offer graphic design logo design print or they might do search engine optimization for example so then you could kind of package your services with one company rather than spreading it out to a lot of different companies which might complicate things for you so here’s an example of an agency a small agency it looks like they have a team of at least three and they probably operate out of this location not just like a home office it says here they have offices in Denver and San Francisco if I go to the contact page I can actually see their locations and their address and then back to the home page it mentions that they do work with apps so they develop apps so in addition to doing web design you could also have an app developed by the same company if that’s something you’re looking for so that’s just an example of the wider range of services you could get from a smaller agency compared to maybe a freelancer or local web design company so the next company or entity I want to mention that you could use to design your website would be a large agency and this could be you know I kind of

envision this being a company of 30 or more on their team it could be hundred or more depending on the size these are usually going to be national companies that are dealing with clients all over the country

even traveling to meet them so here’s a good example of a company like this it’s called blue fountain media dot-com I’ve never heard of them I just searched and found them you can see all the services they offer from strategy branding they do offer Web Design in all different types of digital marketing if we go to their contact page I can see that they have a New York headquarters and then they have a Chicago in Seattle office so you can usually find a large agency like this if you’re located in a city but some of them may be willing to travel you’re obviously going to pay a premium for them to travel to meet face to face in these companies are going to be more expensive in general so they’re probably more for medium sized or large

businesses maybe enterprise level businesses that have you know a wider range of needs in their digital

marketing not just web design and probably a larger budget as well to afford a larger agency like this so another entity I want to mention that may be even bigger it would be like these large hosting companies or domain companies like GoDaddy or Hostgator these companies like GoDaddy started out as domain sellers but over the over the years they’ve branched out into selling you know email hosting web design services and all different types of services so these companies are large they’re usually impersonal even though you could call someone it’s never gonna be the same person and maybe some of them are kind of moving towards a higher level of customer service where you have a dedicated Account Manager or something but these are options a lot of people kind of gravitate towards these options because these are the companies they find to buy their domain to buy a hosting so they end up sticking with them and using their website builder or using them to build their website so I’ve reviewed a lot of these bigger website builders like Weebly or the Hostgator website builder and I’m also about to review the GoDaddy website and marketing platform that’s pretty new I’ve reviewed some of the GoDaddy options in the past like their website builder so you can check out my channel other video

is on my channel to get some reviews on some of these bigger companies these different options for building your website so I do want to give a little bit of a warning to watch out for pretenders in this web design space I think there’s a lot of people out there a lot of companies that are trying to be something they’re not or maybe even trying to trick you so they might be like small companies overseas that are trying to look like a large agency in the US and there’s a good example that’s actually a competitor of mine and I don’t know anything for sure but when I look at their website it looks really nice it’s kind of attractive and flashy they have a lot of services one of the red flags to me is that they’re super cheap so it’s way cheaper than anything else that’s out there

I have trouble finding any information about where they’re located

although it looks like they added a New Jersey address but when I searched for that address it actually shows up as a Regis office building which is like a co-working shared office space so most likely this company overseas purchased a you know shared office just so they can have an address if you read through the website some of the English is not real clear which makes me think they’re maybe not you know English speakers as their first language so there’s all kinds of red flags like this I don’t know if this company offers good services or not I can just tell by looking at it that they’re kind of trying to deceive a little bit and look like they’re in the u.s. they also have kind of a live chat that pops up with you know someone that looks like they’re in the US and I even asked where you located and she said we are in Newark New Jersey another red flag to me was that they promoted some words that they’ve received like Fast Company 50 most innovative companies I kind of doubt they’re on that list that’s like usually large companies like Facebook and Airbnb and you can’t click this link so it almost looks like they’re trying to show words that are not real maybe they’re on these lists I just couldn’t find it normal

you would link to it so that people can verify and they do mention that they have global clientele and then notice that they’re not even showing the US on this list so you just need to be a little bit careful of companies that are advertising in the US and probably saying we’re in the US with a with address that they just where they have a mailbox but if you kind of dive into a project with this company you might have trouble you know with the language barrier and communication so just keep that in mind and watch out for companies that are pretending to be something that they’re not so that’s obviously not a complete and perfect list of all the different types of companies that can build a website for you but I tried to give sort of an overview from smallest to largest and there’s gonna be some in between but it should give you a good overview of what to look for maybe it’s gonna help you understand what you need in a web design company if you’re interested in having me and my company build a website for you I will link to my service in the description below so make sure to check that out and then check out some of my other videos reviews and other topics in web design and marketing that I’ve done I’ll link to a video right here and you can watch that next and we’ll see you there

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