Dreamhost: Adding An SSL Certificate To WordPress

DreamHost will also make use of a free wordpress plugin to make sure that our site always loads via HTTPS after we’ve activated the SSL certificate to use the setup that I’m Going to be showing you on your site you will need a dreamhost account and yoursite will need to be hosted with

DreamHost to be fully transparent I am a dream most affiliate I’ve been using dreamers since 2006 and regularly recommend them to clients and friends you’ll find my affiliate link in the description below if you buy through mylink I appreciate your support and I’m Here to answer any of your questions so before we jump in it’s important to understand that you can of course also set up an SSL certificate using many other options but in this example I’m Going to be showing you how to set this up using dreamhost and do keep in mind that DreamHost does provide free SSLcertificates on all their plans were some other hosting providers charge an additional fee for this add-on so let’s jump in for this example I’m going to be using my demo site my PA’s medCom and if we have a look at this page you’ll see that the site is currently not using anSSL certificate at the top left here you’ll see that the URL is not

displaying the HTTPS and we cannot see that secure lock it’s actually says not secure in the browser and if I click on this it says your connection to the site is not secure so we want to change this we want to install an SSL certificate and we want to make sure that this website and all pages on the site always load over HTTPS and that the browser displays a secure connection in the URL bar if we compare this to PA’s main Mediacom for example you will see that this site is using an SSL certificate and at the top left here it is loading of HTTPS and if we click on the secure lock it says that the connection is secure so what we want to do is jump into our DreamHost

dashboard on the left we want to clickunder domains SSL Certificates I’ll Mention this again to set this up usingDream past your site will need to be hosted on your dream host account and your domain will show up on this page for this example this will be my PAPA’s Mamiya command then to the right we want to click on add on this next page you’ll have an option you can either use the free let’s encrypt SSL certificate or you can pay fifteen dollars per year to use a

Komodo TV certificate for this example we’re gonna use the free let’s encrypt certificate so we’re gonna select the certificate so here we go, this is our success message telling us that the certificate has been ordered for our domain it also tells us to allow up to15 minutes for these changes to be pushed out to the server they also tellus note that we will attempt to validate the certificate for you but you may need to confirm control over the domain by clicking the confirmation link in the email sent to your selected domain verification control address please allow up to 24 hours for this message to arrive you can also resend the email from the domain settings page so here wego in my email client here’s the

confirmation email from dreamhost that they fulfilled the order they say we have your let’s encrypt certificate for PA’s micom we will be installing it on your site in a few minutes so next what we want to do is while they

installing this is we want to go back to our demo site and if we log into the backend of dashboard which I’ve already done in this tab we want to install a free plugin that is gonna help us always force redirect all page visits throughHTTPS so I’m gonna go and install this plug-in under plugins I’m gonna click on add new this plugin is called really simple SSL so there we go

I want to install this plug-in so I’mgonna click install now it’s been installed now when I click activate and it’s telling me almost ready to migrate to SSL some things can’t be done

automatically before you migrate please check for HTTP references in your dotCSS and dot J’s files images stylesheets or scripts from a domain without SSL certificate remove them or move your own server and then it is recommended to take a backup of your site before activating SSL this is bestpractices when you make any changes it’s always good to have a latest backup of your site great so we’ve installed this free plugin to force all traffic through HTTPS and we have set up the SSLcertificate in the dreamhost panel I know for a fact that Remos won’t be sending me another verification email to confirm my email because I’ve done that in the past so once you’re ready to activate the SSL you click this button go ahead and activate SSL so there we go it says SSL activates it don’t forget to change your settings in Google Analyticsand webmaster tools once you activate anSSL certificate on your

it’s important to go into Google

Analytics and webmaster tools to update that so now while recording my session actually expired and I had to go back to my login page and I can already see that my website is loading over HTTPS and it’s displaying the lock so here we goI’ve logged back into the site I’m in the backend of WordPress and I can really see that my website is loading ofHTTPS and if I click on this lock icon it tells me connection is secure if we open the site in new tab we can also see that our website is loading over HTTPSand we’ve got that secure lock and the connection is secure so there we go, that’s all it takes to setup your SSLcertificate using dreamers that only takes a few minutes

I also recommend making use of that free wordpress plugin really simple ssl to make sure that all your traffic is routed through the HTTPS connection 


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