DreamHost: Creating & Adding A New Sub-Domain

How to add a subdomain in your dreamhost account a subdomain is a subdivision of an existing domain whereas the actual domain that is called the root domain so if your root domain for example is paws meadow calm what I’m gonna show you now is I’m gonna add a subdomain and create a new domain called my paws my comm and a subdomain in itself can be the domain of an entire new website it’s a separate identity from the root domain and now keep in mind that the domain paws Metacom is a domain that I’ve registered and I’m hosting this domain with DreamHost


and with dreamers you can add an unlimited amount of subdomains assuming that you’ve obviously registered the root domain and every subdomain is free of charge so you don’t pay for every additional subdomain


so you’ve logged into your Dreamers dashboard the first place you want to go is manage domains so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click Add hosting to a domain / subdomain and now I could fill in my subdomain into this field and fully host the subdomain on dreamers but what I actually want to do is I want to add a subdomain but I want to host the sub domain with a different hosting provider so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to scroll all the way to the bottom and here where it says DNS only I am gonna add my subdomain so here I’m gonna type in my dot paws my command I’m gonna click host DNS only and now we get this error and it says you cannot add DNS management for subdomains okay to solve this I’m actually gonna fully host this domain I’m gonna leave everything as is and then I’m gonna click fully host this domain okay so here my details it successfully added the subdomain my dog paws my comm and I’ve added it to dream most as if I was fully hosting it on dreamers but I’m gonna see what I need to change in order to host this domain with another hosting provider the reason for me showing this error is because I’m actually going to show you this entire process and the reason why I’ve created the subdomain is to set up a website and use this domain for all future video tutorials I’m going to be creating tutorials about how to develop your own website using WordPress using different WordPress plugins and integrations how do you start using email marketing and how to create your own


during funnel in order to create these tutorials I need a sample website to use so I’m gonna be using my paws my comm I welcome you to follow along you can look over my shoulder so for now I’ve added this domain to be fully hosted on dreamers but I plan on changing this and actually hosting this domain somewhere else I’ve successfully added this so here I’ve just pulled up my email client you can see I’ve received the


confirmation email from dreamhost with all the details confirming that this subdomain has been added to my account and that the hosting has been set up if I now click back to manage domains and I scroll down a little bit you will see here that there is a new item for the subdomain and it is fully hosted if you aren’t already an existing Dreamers customer and you’re interested to create a new account I would appreciate.

if you sign up using my affiliate link I’ll leave it in the description below and I would really appreciate your support and hey if you have any questions leave them in the comments below I’m here to support you and if you are looking for hosting but you don’t learn about all these things and you just want someone else to manage your hosting for you then I welcome you to check out paws may media’s and managed hosting this is where we take care of everything for you you can focus on growing your business while we make sure your hosting is taken care of.

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