Dreamhost: Manually Renewing Your Domain Name

I want to show you how to manually renew a domain in DreamHostusually what you want to do when registering domains through DreamHost is you want to set them to Auto renew to make sure that they renew themselves for the foreseeable future and that amount will get charged to your credit card that you’ve linked to your DreamHost account.

if I ever there’s an error with charging your credit card for example your card has expired or for some reason the charge it doesn’t go through,  DreamHost will send you a notification email and they’ll automatically set that domain renewal to ask, which means that they’ll send you an email and ask you if you want to renew it and if you don’t renew it it will expire and you will lose access to your domain.

This recently happened to me so I want to show you how to manually renew a domain so from your DreamHost dashboard under domains you want to click on registrations if you look at this list of my domains you’ll see that most of them have been set to auto renew, so under the auto renew column it says yes for most of them if you have a look at PAWS makam you’ll see that it’s been changed to ask.

so this is the domain that I want to manually renew and change to auto renew, I’m gonna click on yes here so here we see a notification that payment is required if you want to turn on the auto renew within 31 days of a domain expiring then you need to renew it for another year.

Let’s do that proceed to payment so this is the checkout page it’s 1395 for the domain renewal so I need to pay with a credit or debit card so next I want to click on add card and this is where I want to enter my payment details so I’ve filled in my details and at the bottom you’ll see this check box where it says use this card for to pay so that I’m gonna leave check because I want this card to be used for future payments so once you’re happy you click on charge this card now and there we go I’ve got my success message.

If I now go back to the list of my domain registrations and I’ll see that for the domain pause medCom it’s now been set back to Auto renewal great so that’s how you manually renew a domain with DreamHost

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