GoDaddy vs WP Engine: Performance Compared – Which is Better for WordPress?

Trying to choose between GoDaddy along with WP Engine to host your WordPress site?

GoDaddy are among also a $12 billion market cap, also a record in the New York Stock market, and also the absolute most famous hosting businesses out there commercials.

WP Engine are no trickle either. They’re certainly one of the earliest and most significant managed WordPress web hosting companies, and will also be discriminated to their own $1 billion evaluation, having a recent acquisition of these previous competitor, Flywheel.

Basically, by casting about those billion-dollar valuations the point I’m making is these are a couple of the dogs in the business, and also have put a ton of resources into building their products.

The goal of this post is to help you to have an understanding of the gaps between these two hosts (which can be significant ), pick from them, and find the right hosting plan to agree with your needs.

It isn’t about deciding on a single’winner’ to each predicament, however — it really is basically about helping one to select the ideal place to host your internet site, taking in to account your budget, desired functions, and just how much importance you place on efficiency, etc.,.

Here Is What Is Getting Compared

I am going to be comparing to three different options — just from WP Engine and 2 while that can be just a WP Engine versus GoDaddy contrast.

This is why:

With WP Engine, everybody else receives the exact general handled WordPress. Whilst WP Engine do provide a number of strategies, all of them have exactly precisely the same essential characteristics — that the only distinction would be your hardware tools you get (e.g. additional storage or even bandwidth).

But, GoDaddy provide two popular Techniques to host a WordPress site:

  1. A handled WordPress strategy that provides compact WordPress features. You can only use it in order to host WordPress sites.
  2. A frequent shared Linux hosting program. You can utilize it to host some other types of internet sites, as well as WordPress.

Essentially , this article is kind of replying two questions:

  1. If you host your WordPress site together with WP Engine or even GoDaddy?
  2. If GoDaddy are more your rate, in the event you choose their managed WordPress strategy or their cheaper shared plan?

Let us get started so it’s possible to make the proper conclusion…

WP Engine vs GoDaddy: Element Comparison

Let us start off with a basic feature contrast of those 3 plans to set the point:

WP Engine GoDaddy Managed GoDaddy Shared
WordPress Installer
WordPress Updates
Custom Internet Hosting Dash Board
Computerized Backups
Staging Sites *
Server-Level Ca-ching
Free SSL *
Free CDN

*These features aren’t available on most of tiers.

From comparing the greatest advantages most WordPress users will desire, you also can say that GoDaddy’s handled WordPress internet web hosting program is far more comparable to WP Engine than its cheaper shared approach, which virtually just provides an WordPress auto-installer and not much else.

While these features are not musthaves to run a WordPress sitethey may get your own life considerably more suitable. As an instance:

  • The custom hosting dashboard lets you view essential sides of one’s site. By way of example, you can easily see which plugins have to get upgraded right from the dash that is hosting.
  • Automatic copies mean that you never need to fiddle about using a WordPress backup plugin.
  • Server-level ca-ching means that you don’t have to configure your caching plugin (though there however may be rewards to applying a tool similar to WP Rocket).
  • The added CDN and also SSL certificates help you save away from purchasing otherwise-paid products and services.

Thus, to put it WP Engine and also GoDaddy’s managed programs are comparable when it comes to the largest’handled WordPress features’ individuals desire, whereas the cheaper program that was shared of GoDaddy is much more bare-bones.

WP Engine offer other features that you won’t have with GoDaddy. The greatest example is that you get the Genesis Framework along with most of StudioPress youngster topics for free. These are highquality topics that are included at no additional price.

It Is Possible to access them from Your Themes place in your WP Engine dashboard:

Speaking of dashboards…

WP Engine Compared to GoDaddy: Dashboard/Ease of Utilization Comparison

Next, let’s go and look at the ease of usage of each platform to a daily foundation. With this, I mainly mean that the dashboards you may utilize to deal with several parts of your website.

WP Engine

There exists a whole lot happening in WP Engine’s blog dashboard — even more than either of those GoDaddy strategies.

If you are a casual user, this could feel a small overwhelming initially . But it’s far superior to own this functionality compared to to not have it, and that I think the dash of WP Engine is one of the points in their service.

Here’s what it looks like when you have a site. Once again, there’s a lot. You get:

  • A very long list of menu alternatives on the left to get into different are as
  • standard stats at the center to keep track of your website’s usage
  • upgrade alarms for the WordPress plugins and software (you may easily find this in the bottom-right corner).

Let us look which you get in the left sidebar.

First, the Backup factors location allows you to view all the computerized daily backups that WP Engine T-AKE. You May

  • Manually build a backup, which is handy in the event you are about to earn a major adjust
  • revive your web site from some other backup
  • down load a backup to your computer.

If you go for the Redirect Policies area, you May Set up Re-directs without needing to mess with Your Website’s .htaccess file, and it is another handy instrument:

Still Yet another very Strong benefit is that WP Engine give you not Only One development region, however, 2 choices:

  1. Staging
  2. Enhancement

Both are such as’sandboxes’ where you can play around with changes for your internet website before compelling these all live.

They are super easy to utilize, and WP Engine give you tools That Allow You to clone your own WordPress website between various surroundings:

Finally, you also get a committed Instruments area that can help you to test your site’s functionality:

WP Engine are definitely the winner when it has to do with the dashboard, although it can feel a tiny overwhelming for most users glance.


GoDaddy’s managed WordPress options offer you a custom dash experience that’s a whole lot more userfriendly compared to their shared plans. For an informal user, I believe it’s also slightly bit more user friendly compared to WP Engine in the beginning .

That is, it overwhelming, however, it will not offer you too much tools like WP Engine.

Here Is What the Principal dashboard looks like you are able to Observe the Way That It lists out updates you should pay attention to, and lets you handle your automatic backups and other providers (my evaluation plan does not have a Totally Free SSL certification — higher tiers do, even however ):

If you scroll right down, a Site functionality check can conduct right out of your dashboard, which can be yet another very convenient characteristic:

WP Engine also allow you to do so, and that I showed you above.

Last, you are given some info about your website and server by the base of the the dash board, and it’s also where you’re access your staging site, in the event you pick.

It’s in which You’re Able to enable or disable

Going a bit deeper, allow me to give you a look in the automatic backup and restore software. GoDaddy do let you restore out of any backup that is automated — which is disappointing — As you never seem to be able to manually run a backup. They also Supply You with the option to Decide to revive the files/database or Your Whole website:

In addition from everything I’ve shown mentioned above, GoDaddy’s handled WordPress strategy now offers really a convenient onboarding process which is able to help one to install your first WordPress web site or migrate an present WordPress web site from the other host.

All things considered, the handled WordPress dashboard of GoDaddy delivers a dashboard for most consumers.

In the event that you’re a consumer, you might choose the ease of GoDaddy, but although I believe programmers and power end users may like the thickness of performance WP Engine offer you.


GoDaddy’s shared WordPress hosting encounter isn’t nearly as fine because their WordPress performance that is .

In the principal dashboard, you also are given links to important components such as phpMyAdmin and Document Supervisor, along with yourself a overview of your site. But, there are none of those WordPress-specific Qualities You buy with the budget of GoDaddy:

In the Event You Click the cPanel connection, You Will Secure that the’normal’ cPanel dashboard to Handle Your Website’s server:

Basically, the shared program of GoDaddy is really actually a relatively’typical’ shared-hosting expertise, where all run and there aren’t any WordPress-specific features.

On the flip side, WP Engine along with GoDaddy’s handled WordPress options offer dash experiences built for WordPress.

WP Engine vs GoDaddy: Service Replies

Irrespective of where you sponsor your website, there come an occasion if you require a hand, which means you are going to need a company that provides service that is stellar.

WP Engine SUPPORT Choices

WP Engine present 24/7 chat service on all plans. Higher-tier ideas get 24/7 phone support.

You Are Able to easily obtain assistance directly at any moment:


Both GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting and also shared hosting hosting provide 24/7 service via phone, as well as livechat service from Monday to Friday.

You can’t get the live chat from anywhere in your dashboard, however they do make it simple enough to locate having a dedicated Speak to Us webpage:

WP Engine Compared to GoDaddy: Efficiency Comparison

I place three equal test sites on to Check the performance of WP Engine vs GoDaddy:

  1. WP Engine’s Startup plan.
  2. GoDaddy’s Simple managed WordPress hosting plan.
  3. GoDaddy’s Overall Financial System shared Linux plan.

This may be the cheapest grade at every server .

The test web site is 100% indistinguishable on each server — I used precisely the copy backup.

Beyond this, by imitating a real WordPress site, I tried to make this a evaluation. Thus, the test sites are all using the favorite Avada theme, together with a full Avada demo site and other plugins that are common, such as Yoast SEO.

The demonstration sites possess a homepage with lots going on, therefore they really should become considered a test of the three plans. If you should be thinking, then you can find a screenshot of the complete site .

Afterward, ten overall performance tests’ll conduct for every and every plan. I have put up WebPageTest to:

  • Evaluation from Chicago Illinois
  • throttle the connection to 20 Mbps, and it is around the average web rate within the USA.

I’ll begin by sharing the info that is raw, and then I’ll draw a few decisions.

WP Engine

The typical over all 10 tests was 2.43 minutes .

Test Inch Test 2 Evaluation 3 Test 4 Evaluation 5
2.121 s 2.386 s 2.623 s 2.515 s 2.624 s
Test 6 Exam 7 Evaluation 8 Evaluation 9 Evaluation 10
2.186 s 2.582 s 2.298 s 2.402 s 2.530 s

View the results at WebPageTest:

  • Tests you to 5
  • Exams six to 10


The average across all ten evaluations was 2.94 seconds.

Exam 1 Test Two Test 3 Test 4 Evaluation 5
3.081 s 3.194 s 2.822 s 2.936 s 3.329 s
Evaluation 6 Exam 7 Exam 8 Test 9 Exam 10
3.411 s 2.602 s 2.410 s 2.951 s 2.701 s

Watch the full outcomes

  • Tests you to 5
  • Assessments 6 to ten


The average across all ten evaluations was 3.02 seconds.

Test 1 Test Two Test 3 Exam 4 Evaluation 5
3.276 s 3.347 s 2.897 s 3.040 s 2.922 s
Evaluation 6 Exam 7 Evaluation 8 Evaluation 9 Exam 10
2.985 s 2.901 s 2.934 s 2.907 s 2.989 s

Watch the entire effects at WebPageTest:


To Make It Simpler to see the gaps out of All Those evaluations, Following Is a table comparing the average speed for each strategy:

WP Engine GoDaddy Managed GoDaddy Shared
2.43 s 2.94 s 3.02 s

Because you can see, the gap among WP Engine and also the 2 GoDaddy plans has been substantially bigger compared to the gap between your 2 GoDaddy options themselves.

So, if performance is of extreme value to youpersonally, you may most likely want to go with WP Engine.

However, WP Engine will also be pricier than the GoDaddy strategies I’m testing, so you’re not finding that performance.

If you appreciate the WP Engine functionality enough to cover the additional income, you’ll need to decide.

If you’re on a budget and do not value the additional attributes in the managed WordPress web internet hosting plans of GoDaddy, there doesn’t seem to become quite a significant performance difference between this plan and the cheaper ideas that are shared of GoDaddy.

These Are money…

WP Engine Compared to GoDaddy: Pricing Comparison

Of those 3 hosts, WP Engine are definitely the absolute most costly, with both of GoDaddy’s strategies coming under the ideas of WP Engine.

Here’s a comparison of this tiers for all three hosts. With this contrast, I Will make use of the regular pricing for the shortest charging cycle possible. But, fairly competitive promotional special reductions that are pertinent to your very first charging cycle are offered by GoDaddy.

For instance, you can at times locate reductions to pay just $12 for your whole year. From then on, you’d want to pay the’typical’ value listed below.

Additionally, you can also get a price by paying more time in Advance — this is accurate for all three servers:

WP Engine GoDaddy Managed GoDaddy Shared
Selling Cost monthly $35 $12.99 $10.99
Billing cycle Regular Monthly Regular Each and Each 3 months
Internet Sites allowed Inch 1 1
Targeted Visitors 25,000 25,000 Unmetered
Storage 10-gb 10-gb 100 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB N/A Unmetered

Since the table demonstrates, there exists a reason WP Engine have a dashboard — the purchase and load your site! Put basically, WP Engine are a bit of also a step and a item upward in value compared with GoDaddy.

Final Thoughts on WP Engine vs GoDaddy

If you’re a WordPress user Seeking to pick among GoDaddy and WP Engine, I Believe That You should make a Single decision first:

GoDaddy’s handled WordPress ideas versus GoDaddy’s shared plans.


I personally presume GoDaddy’s managed WordPress plans offer you price for the majority of people. The cost difference is small, starting at $12.99 a month to get managed $10.99 monthly for shared. In addition, together with the approach that is shared, you’ve got to cover three months at a time, where as the managed plan permits you to move month-to-month.

For this small price difference, GoDaddy’s managed WordPress programs offer:

  • A lot more operation, together with key features like automatic copies, integral Ca Ching along with CDN, and, on larger tiers, gearing websites
  • a much nicer dashboard experience, using convenient features such as plug ins update notifications along with an in-dashboard effectiveness device
  • marginally better overall performance.

I think the only real reason to pick GoDaddy’s shared options over the managed WordPress plans is when you are planning to sponsor a lot of distinct sites. On tiers of the plan that is shared, you could host unlimited websites. However tiers of the managed WordPress programs allow a couple of internet web sites.


Now for the question — which should you choose from the handled plans of GoDaddy and also WP Engine?

This is I really feel it comes right down to a financial plan.

Taking price WP Engine just plain offer a product together:

  • Far better overall functionality
  • much more functionality available on your dash, particularly for energy users and programmers
  • high-quality server-level caching along with also an integrated CDN
  • free SSL certifications on all of programs
  • value-adds like the Genesis frame work along with all of 35-plus StudioPress kid themes.

The single’catch’ is you are going to pay more for that — WP Engine’s lowest plan is $35 a month, while GoDaddy’s lowest managed WordPress program prices just $12.99 monthly for similar storage/traffic levels (and offers aggressive promotional special reductions, including paying out $12 total for the entire first year).

So, if you are on a budget, contemplate GoDaddy’s handled WordPress plans as they provide decent price for that price .

But if you’d like the finest complete WordPress hosting, then you will most likely want to spring up WP Engine around GoDaddy.

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