Godaddy Websites + Marketing – Review and Impressions – Godaddy Website Builder and Marketing in One

i’m gonna cover the new offering from GoDaddy

called websites + marketing but

regardless I’m gonna do the 30-day trial of it spend some time looking at it and give you my impressions of it I’ve reviewed a lot of other GoDaddy

offerings over the years they obviously sell domain names website hosting so I’ve also reviewed their options for building websites like a website builder they’ve had in the past also their GoDaddy online store product for

building ecommerce websites but it appears they’ve kind of packaged that all together and now are just offering this websites plus marketing option so I’m gonna go through it in this video hopefully help you understand if it might be a good fit for you so I’m on the dashboard for a new website plus marketing product that I set up so this is what you’ll see on the main dashboard they have something called insight which is kind of a score of like how many things you’ve completed and how you compare to other businesses

it looks like my score is still

calculating since I haven’t really done much yet they have an action plan that kind of walks you through some different steps by asking you questions like do you sell online so a lot of this stuff looks to be based on selling products online so if you don’t do that not all of this would apply then there’s some other they call it other ways to grow you can publish your website add

products enable credit card payments so just some different guidance that they offer to kind of get you off and running so they do offer different plans so let me click on that we’ll take a quick look at pricing so it starts off at $5 per month and goes up to $13 per month you would need this highest plan to have e-commerce to sell products on your site it has secure SSL you can get a custom domain mobile-friendly site mobile editing some of these things are just basic like PayPal button get fountain online SEO is just kind of a large topic to just have a check mark or not so we’ll get into the details and show you exactly what they’re offering there this is the insights core that I just showed you they do have some social media marketing included some email marketing I’m not sure if these social media posts mean that they will post for you or that you just get to post I assume it means you have to do it yourself for thirteen dollars per month I don’t think they’re gonna be posting for you they have an online appointments platform and then ecommerce which is only available again at this highest plan so that’s a quick overview of the pricing let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s go to the website because that’s probably the most important part of it I’m just gonna walk through these steps quickly I think I started some of it just by giving it a name and choosing like a design theme but let’s go back into edit site you can see in the theme I’m able to choose from a number of different design themes that they offer they’re taking awhile to load as you see but it looks like there might be 20 or so and then over here I can pick different colors and fonts if I click customize the theme it looks like I can just edit the site right here so it’s a pretty basic website builder but it’ll get something online for you really quick so here’s all the pages on the site which I can edit so this is pretty much the website builder here there might be some other options to edit more after it’s published but this appears to be the entire website builder so it’s very simple it doesn’t have a ton of features or options but I think they’re trying to keep it simple on purpose so they don’t overwhelm people and just give you a simple way to get your website online here’s the store part so if I click manage store I can give you a look at what they allow you to do there and this actually takes me back to the store section from you know the main dashboard so I can add products do shipping just click add product just to see what that looks like so you can do physical or digital product

yeah inventory options shipping so this is basically their old online store product but it’s kind of packaged into the websites Plus marketing so I just wanted to jump back into the website builder real quick to make sure I’m giving a complete or it closer to complete view of what they offer here so they do allow you to add different sections so there’s a lot more features in here and the way I got there was by kind of scrolling over the actual kind of design or canvas area and then you can add a section I can delete a section or move it up and down I click on this image here it has some options like zoom black-and-white descriptions adding a link to the image so if I click Add section again you can see the different options they have like adding content like preset content sections there’s a introduction photo galleries about blog menu price lists you can add videos you can add a PayPal button Social Feeds actually have MLS listings you can link up an ID ax feed for real estate

restaurant online ordering powered by Chow now so you have some decent

features in here for different types of businesses so it’s a fairly simple way to get your website built I’m gonna go ahead and click publish just to see what happens so since I haven’t upgraded yet it’s just putting me on this temporary domain I just want to click around and see how things look and I haven’t really spent any time customizing this it’s just pretty much the plain theme

so that’s a basic overview of how you can edit your site with the new GoDaddy website builder part of websites Plus marketing so let me go back to the dashboard so I showed you website and store I should point out that they have GoDaddy guides so these are just people with GoDaddy who will help you kind of through this process I have not tried that so I don’t know how it works or how good they are but under marketing I do like that they give you all these different options so you can do coupons let’s see what they have for SEO so it looks like they’re gonna walk me through some this wizard for SEO and I assume it’s gonna just do some basic on-page SEO because for you know less than $20 a month you’re not gonna get much more than that so if we go back into the marketing menu I click on Facebook probably gonna link me to Facebook allows you to kind of connect to

Facebook probably run ads there if you want or get your page created same with Instagram Yelp I click on email probably allows me to set up email addresses oh no this is for email marketing so you can create you can have subscribers on your site and create campaigns to email them and then your blog and ad credits are here as well so ad credits are probably just some included credits for you know Google Microsoft and Yelp advertising so it is kind of nice that they package everything right here a lot of small businesses you are wondering about social media Yelp and SEO so they at least get you started on all this stuff and kind of put it in one place so it’s easy for for you to find as a small business owner under connections it looks like this is just your customers members and subscribers on your website and I don’t have any yet since I’m just kind of testing this out under settings of general settings shipping payments email marketing settings and your membership settings

so overall I’d say this website builders probably similar to some of the other popular website builders out there like Squarespace Wix in Weebly because they do all have some marketing integrations and SEO their website builders are probably better than the GoDaddy website builder but I think GoDaddy is trying to keep it simple on purpose assuming most of their customers don’t need all the bells and whistles of some of the other website builders so keep that in mind if you do need more features and design capability you might want to look at something else like some of the other website builders I recommend I’ll link to my favorite ones in the you know link in the description below but overall I do think this websites Plus marketing is a pretty good packaged option for small business owners trying to get a simple site and get some basic marketing done and it’s really convenient because everything is packaged in one account in one place so hopefully that’s helpful to you if you’re considering this product from GoDaddy I’ll link to my website builder playlist here at the end of this video so you can check out some of the other website builders that I’ve

reviewed and that I recommend so we’ll see you on one of those videos

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