Google My Business Optimization: Increase Your Visibility Online

so what is Google my business Google my business is a free and easy to use tool for businesses brands and organizations to manage their online presence across Google which includes how your business shows up on Google search Google Maps and GooglePlus so whether you’re aware of this or not your business might already be listed on Google’s directory however it may still be an unclaimed unverified and incomplete listing and they most likely are potential customers out there finding your listing and being put off due to inaccurate and incomplete information even though you haven’t added your listing it’s quite possible that your business is already listed because Google automatically creates business listings based on information and data available online so if you’re listed in some other online directory then it’s quite possible that Google has created your listing based on this existing information but before I go any further it’s important to make sure that your business is eligible to be listed in Google my business if you can answer yes to all the following three questions then your business may be listed so number one does your business have a unique dedicated physical address not a virtual address or a Po Box address or shared address then number two does your business have a unique dedicated local phone number in the city of location so not an 800 number not a call tracking number or a shared number and lastly three does your business have in-person transactions with its

customers either at your own location solike a restaurant or at your customers locations like a plumber if you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions then your business is eligible and this is for you moving forward the first step is to check if your business is already listed which is really easy all you need to do is search for your business name or your exact address using Google Maps you can do this on your desktop or on your mobile device let me show you a few quick example let’s assume I’m a potential hungry customer searching for a pizza

restaurant that my friend told me about first up I’m going to search for a fictitious business called plasma pizza when searching for it I won’t be able to find it because it has not yet been listed if this is your business then customers can’t find your business on Google map

and you won’t show up in Google’s local search results adding claiming and verifying your listing would be a great start then next I’m going to search for pizza paradise in the UK this business is listed but not claimed not optimized and not managed claiming verifying and optimizing this listing by adding operating hours and more great photos would provide the information your customers are looking for for my third example I’m going to search for pizza love this business is listed claimed and sort of optimized however can still be improved actively managing this listing would let you leverage the potential of customer reviews here customers have taken the time to leave positive and negative reviews responding to these reviews can build rapport and reputation so what are the benefits of optimizing and managing your listing by verifying and optimizing your business listing you can both help customers find you as well as provide them with the information they need to call you trust you and do business with you additionally by managing and responding to customer reviews you build a positive reputation online if your business is unlisted or your business listing is still unclaimed unverified and incomplete then I highly recommend that you take action on this right away this is something you or one of your admin staff members can do yourself without hiring or paying marketing agency to simplify and guide you through this process what I’ve done is put together a short and affordable online course what will you get when purchasing this course we’ve compressed everything you need to know into this short course to save you time the course is made up of easy-to-follow

instructions after purchasing you get immediate access to all modules

providing clear and concise step-by-step instructions including screenshots and videos then to help you work through the course we provide priority support we are here to help you get results you get direct access to my team for any questions you may have we will provide the answers I encourage you to invest in yourself and in your business take advantage of this course you can click through to purchase this course below this video before I wrap up there is one last thing I’d like to mention if you see the importance of all of this but you’re not keen to do it yourself or you just don’t have the time then there’s one other option I can offer you at PAWSmain media we’re offering a

done-for-you service where we will optimize and manage your Google+ Business listing on your behalf

will work closely together with you to get your business the maximum amount of visibility and exposure online using Google my business you can learn more about this done-for-you service below this video if you have any questions please submit them below thank you for watching I’m Shawn to me together with my team we are here to support you and help you succeed online you.


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