Hosting Your Email Mailboxes with Dreamhost

 I’m going to show you how to set up your mail boxes using DreamHost as your hosting provider to host your email accounts with dreamers you will need a dreamhost account to be fully transparent I am a dream host affiliate I’ve been using dreamers since 2006 and regularly recommend them to clients and Friends you’ll find my affiliate link in description below if you buy through my link I appreciate your support and I’m here to answer any of your questions so before we jump in it’s important to understand that there are two main options for hosting your email when hosting your domain with dreamhost option number one is hosting your mailboxes on the dream host servers using the dream host email service option number two is hosting your mailboxes somewhere else and configuring your domain in dream host accordingly soan example of this would be hosting your email with Google Apps for Business this is the premium Google service so it’s not the free gmail accounts let’s start with option one which is hosting your mailboxes with dream host this is assuming your domain is set up as a hosta domain in dream host

So here we are inside the dreamers dashboard and the thing we need to do first is make sure that your domain has been set up as a managed domain within dream host so the way we do that is we click on manage domains under domains in the left navigation this page will show you a list of all the domains that have been set up to be managed through dream hostso on this page you want to find the domain that you want to set up your email addresses for for this example I’m gonna use my PA’s Micom if you cannot find the domain that you’re looking for on this list then it might be hosted elsewhere but if you want to set up hosting for a specific domain then you can click on add hosting to a domain but it also can go through that in this video I’ve created a separate video I’ll Leave the link in the description below what we want to do next is under mail we want to click on manage email on this page we want to click create new email address on this next page I want to make you aware of three options you can either set up a fully hosted email address this means that the email address will have its own mailbox on the dreamhost server which you can log into through webmail but you can also use that email address with your favorite email client the next option that you can set up is a forward only email address and a forward own email address does not have a mailbox so no

emails will be stored on the server instead any emails that are sent to this email address will simply be forwarded to any addresses that you specify in the settings and the third option is you can set up a garbage email address this surely means that any emails that are sent to this email address will be deleted for this example I’m going to set up a fully hosted email and to do that I’m gonna create the email here I’m Gonna enter the first part of the email address in this case I’m gonna setup info at my top husband outcomes so here you want to use this drop-down menu to select the corresponding domain name next you want to give this mailbox name this is usually the name of the owner of this mailbox so I’m just gonna put in info test then you can either manually create a password or you can simply tick this box

this means that DreamHost will generate a password for you next you can set the total disk usage limit and by default this is set to 200 you can also make this unlimited I generally leave this at200 but you can increase this amount next there’s an option to receive daily warnings this is if your usage reaches within 10% of your limit I generally leave this ticked next list all email addresses to forward to one per line so if you want this mailbox to also forward emails onto another email address then you can list them here and make sure tolist one per line the next few settings are all about keeping your inbox tidy so we have options here remove read

messages when inbox reaches 250 I’m Gonna leave that remove read messages from inbox older than 45 days I’m also going to leave that and then even remove unread messages I’m not going to take that one I’m going to leave it on ticks and then we have saved removed messages in a folder named old messages I usually and take this one because I don’t want to save removed messages then last but not least email me when messages are removed you can leave that one tick and then you simply click create address here we go we’ve successfully created this new email address and you want to take note of your mailbox login and yourpassword save them in a safe space while waiting for this new email address to become active I want to show you the anti-spam features that are included with the DreamHost email service to access those you want to click on anti-spam on the left under manage email on this next page you’ll see a list of all your domains so we’re gonna find the domain that we are working on here’s three working on and we can see because there’s the tick that the spam filter has already been enabled if it hasn’t been enabled you can click the enable button on the right to set that up and if you want to disable it you can edit the filter here so we’ve given it a few minutes and by now I’m sure our mailbox is active so now I want to show you webmail which is part of the DreamHostemail service to locate this page you need to head over to a webmail so for example it’swebmail my PA’s so here you need to use your email address and your password to log into your mailbox so there we go we’ve logged into the webmail interface and we are looking at our brand-new mailbox they aren’t any messages to look at but you can use webmail from anywhere in the world using your web browser to access your dreamhost email mailbox now I’d like to talk about option number two and this applies if you do not want to use dreamhost email service and you’d prefer to use a third party email provider for example if you prefer using Google Apps for Business which is the premium gmail service to host your mailboxes then we can set that up in dream host as well buy your emails won’t live on the dreamhost mail service just take note and this is an important note to take you can either host your domains email addresses with dream host or with Google Apps for Business you cannot use both at the same time and you cannot use free gmail accounts so to set this up within dreamhost again you want to make sure that your domain has been added as a managed domain and you would check that under manage domains the next thing you want to click on is under mail you clickon custom MX on this page you look for your specific domain here we go here’s the domain that we working on and we simply click on edit on this next page you can see that the regular dreamhost email is active that’s the one that we’ve setup but if you scroll down you’ll notice that there is Google Appsuse Google Apps for Business for this domain email please note that you will need to sign up for the service withGoogle and configure any mailboxes you need before activating this option so that’s really important to take note of and then you can also set up the

calendar and the docs feature for yourdomain so this is if you using GoogleApps across your entire domain and once you’re ready you click I’m ready to useGoogle Apps now to configure your domain to work

with google apps so there we go that’s it I actually use both of these options for some sites that I manage I use dreamers mailboxes and for others I useGoogle Apps for Business for businessesI always recommend Google Apps the premium product but if you’re just starting out or you don’t want to spend more on a mailbox service then by all means go with DreamHost email service it definitely gets the job done.


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