How to Buy a Car online from USA and Ship to Nigeria (2020)

Welcome! You’ll locate information that is uptodate about what best to purchase a car on the web from any place in the world and ship right down to Nigeria.

You will have the ability to able to acquire cars and send to Nigeria, after studying this post.

But Beware!!! There are dangers of shopping for cars on the web.
A friend of mine ventured into buying used cars online from america, unfortunately for him personally he enrolled on a particular site which ended up for a deceitful site,
after filling out his information, also credit cards advice, his accounts was wiped dry of his money…. .

You do not desire to fall into such snare, follow that our stepbystep guide about how best to buy a car online and ship to Nigeria.

Stepbystep Guide How to Buy a Car on the Web to Nigeria from Ship and USA

Measure 1: Search on the Internet for a Car Auction Site

Get your Computer or Telephone, get yourself a cozy seat, join to the net and seek out car auction sites, or web sites to purchase a car online using the most popular Google search or Yahoo, or even Bing, whichever suits you.

Don’t get familiar with the results that you get from the search results there can be malicious websites. There are numerous web sites it is possible to be very familiar with, popular sites like,,

These are the three most sites. Once they have been cleared from the interface most car dealers buy cars online from the websites and market in Nigeria.

Measure 2: Register along with your favourite Car Auction Site

After you have searched online and found your site that is preferred in order to get a car online, another phase is to register so it’s possible to see bids and maybe participate in live bids. Click ‘Register’ and fill your information such as your name and e mail address, you will receive an e-mail link to confirm your account and registration, click on the confirmation link to verify your registration.

Most internet sites provides registration, this registration will enable you to have the ability to view ongoing car auctions and bids. If you want in order to participate in live online motor vehicle bids, many trusted sites where you can buy used cars for sale in USA will charge you $200, along with some car auction websites charge renewal fee.

For enrollment to enable you to take part in vehicle live bids therefore it’s possible to purchase brand new or used cars available for sale in USA, then you might need to upload your identities like other documents like export permit and global passport or driver’s license.

Step 3: Look and Select your favourite Cars

you want to begin buying cars online right after you have completed your enrollment? What exactly are we looking forward to’smiles’, there are.

Terms like Salvaged.

Cars are cars that are included in a little or acute accidents, you can choose the sort of salvage you need, the more the damage, the more economical the vehicle.

Clean title cars are vehicles without a dent, this can be costlier.

Once you have searched for your preferred vehicle, click on it to open and realize photos and the status of the motor automobile. There are other technical terms you want to consider and comprehend, terms like Main Damage, Damage, Odometer, Start Code amongst others that are directional. There are additional terms such as Buy now — if you would like to buy the vehicle immediately without needing Pre-Bid live bid and Watch — to find updates you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Obtain a Car on line

Are we moving ahead? We all have been. Here’s the part and no more important than the others.

When you must have mastered the search terms and technical terms, you can be sure of selecting title or status and your vehicle of your selection. You can choose to use the’Purchase Now’ term if the value set on the vehicle that you want to buy on the web fits your funding OR you can choose to await a live bidding to commence at the next which will be plainly stated on the auction site of your selection. You may opt to select the’Watch’ term to acquire upgrades on your own car.

All of us know how bidding works ? A great deal of individuals are definitely interested in that car of one’s choice, the maximum bidder moves home with the car, nonetheless, it is going to be you.

In case there aren’t any higher bids in a particular period, the auto or vehicle is going to be sold into the final and highest bidder every bid has its own time. Now let us sit tight and fight with money,’haha’ Yes!

Measure 5: Purchase for Your Auto on the Web

Clearly, when you get the bid, the following step is to cover the vehicle, although now you understand just how to buy a car online.

As debit cards are often diminished Don’t worry that you can make payments online, via Credit/Debit cards, you might also pay using Bank Wire move which is mostly accepted from Nigeria. If you own a credit card, then that’s the most economical and quickest means. Yet another easy way could be that the Bank Wire transfer cited above, you can move money to your auction site wallet via Western Union, Money Gram or transfer from your domiciliary account that is well-funded.

You have to perform payments of money of your vehicle immediately to avoid a penalty fee, this can be as high as $50 to $100 when your money isn’t remitted within 2-3 business days.

It will be imputed to the auction site you are enrolled on your wallet Once payment is completed. Payment for your vehicle will be processed automatically, you can process payments by hand in the event that you have enough cash in account or to your internet vehicle auction pocket.

Once payments processed and are made, then you can grin, the car is yours.

Measure 6: Ship Car from USA to Nigeria

To ship your car or import brand new or used cars for sale in USA into Nigeria, you may have to contact a shipper in the USA to send your vehicle to the nearest seaport port, if your automobile launch code will be’Run & Drive’ it may be pushed to the seaport at a less expensive, if it can not run, you may rent a minimal bed truck to communicate your car or truck and send to the sea port or airport, or whichever suits your budget. Transport your vehicle to the port could cost as high as $200 based on the distance to the vent.

Your automobile will be reserved with a delivery line such as Sallaum Lines or Grimaldi Shipping Lines, and others. Freight Charges of this delivery lines may cost as high as $800 to $1500 based on the weight of one’s automobile.

After booking, you’ll find a draft copy of a bill of lading and a first after the automobile needs to have set sail with a certain vessel/ship. You may track the development of the ship with their name, names like Glovis Superior (owned by Sallaum lines) or even Grande Lagos (owned by Grimaldi Shipping Lines). Once it sails from the USA, the boat that’ll send your car from the USA to Nigeria will berth Lagos waters in four to six weeks.

Your shipper will handle every sort of customs clearance while in the united states, until it circulates for Nigeria the vehicle needs to be rid of export by the USA habits.

What! But I do not have a shipper,

Don’t fret the auction site can assist you. Most of them offer freight solutions, especially the auction web sites cited in Step 1 .

You can now go curl up for a couple weeks while you keep track of the vessel, and prepare yourself for the alternative. Your favoured car is on its way home. Iam confident you are happy today.

Measure 7: Clear Car from the Port at Nigeria

Are you currently tracking this vessel’s Movement? The ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) of this vessel is going to be stated on the bill of lading.

Are you also gathering currencies? You ought to, Customs responsibility is high depending upon the year and make of manufacture of Your Vehicle

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