How to Make a Logo For Your Business Easily and For FREE in 5 Minutes

hey guys my name is Christian Taylor welcome back to kraler me where I like to show you how to get your business online how to build your brand and how to do social media marketing so today we are gonna be talking about how to get a logo for your business in five minutes for free yes that’s right whether you’re starting a drop shipping business or you’re a freelancer or whatever you’re doing you need a logo and I’m sure you don’t have a lot of time to design it and you don’t want to pay someone a lot of money to design so here’s an option on how to get it in five minutes for free let’s get started alright so there’s really several methods to getting your first logo when you launch a business now the one that takes five minutes and is free is actually using Namecheap coms new logo designer so if you am watching the channel for a while you know I am a big fan of Namecheap I really like their products and services and they just launched a totally free logo designer no strings attached no parts where they try to upsell you or get you to pay them anything it’s totally free which is what I love about it now you start by going to and entering your company name and slogan if you want to it will then ask you some of your preferences like do you like thick fonts thin fonts artsy fonts or more classic fonts it will walk you through this process to determine your artistic preferences and then it will have you search for an icon so say you’re a plumber

maybe you type wrench or plumber or pipes and you pick up two three icons that you like now after this it is going to spit out a logo for you with a bunch of different options different colors different configurations and it will even show you what this logo would look like on a t-shirt as an app icon on a Twitter profile and lets you download it completely free of charge its royalty free so you can use it anywhere and you can also create a free Namecheap account in

the logo to it so you can go back to it at any time and change the font colors icon stuff like that so of course this is not gonna give you the most

customizable option for creating a logo all you just have to take one of the options they give you and it’s not like you can tweak every little setting on the logo but without being said it is fast and I generally like the logos it pumps out so this is maybe gonna hold you over till you get a bigger budget to hire someone to design you a truly custom logo I certainly wouldn’t recommend this if you’re going for something that’s super customized for our branding but it’s going to get the job done enough when you’re launching getting established getting people to like your social media pages and all that jazz

okay so what if you still want to design your own logo but you want a little more options you want to move stuff around more mess with the background color that kind of stuff well I like the site graphic Springs now this is not a free site you’re gonna pay between twenty and two hundred dollars depending on which package you buy however this site allows you to pick an icon and text similar to Namecheap and make your base logo but then you can really adjust and customize aspects of it do you want a shadow do you want an outline do you want to change your text color what background color do you want do you want to change where the icon is positioned in relation to the text it’s kind of like a watered down limited version of Photoshop that is easier for the average Joe to use and that’s why I like it if you’re someone who’s more of a control freak and you have kind of an idea of what you want but you don’t want to get into Photoshop and make something completely custom I think this is pretty reasonable for the 20 to maybe $40 cost you’ll pay to download your logo now speaking of a truly custom logo one method that is free but not easy is downloading the Adobe Photoshop CC trial and making your own custom logo and

shop now this is not a Photoshop tutorial I’m not gonna get into how to make a logo in Photoshop

if that’s something you’re interested in drop a comment down below and let me know and I may make a tutorial on but I am just suggesting that if you are a very savvy person and you want ultimate control but you want a free logo you could download Adobe’s 30-day free trial of Photoshop design your logo make it exactly how you want it save it to your computer and then just cancel the trial and you didn’t pay a cent to do it but just hear me out and make sure you understand that Photoshop is not for the average Joe you have to be a tech savvy user you have to be comfortable with complex programs you’re not just gonna download Photoshop and just type a little text and go oh okay cool here’s my logo you’re likely gonna have to watch at least 30 minutes of tutorials on YouTube to learn the basics of Photoshop to even understand how to place text how to change colors how to do effects like drop shadows and all that stuff so if it were me I would either use name cheeps free logo creator and just spend five minutes doing it if you were a brand new business looking to get a logo that works for you

or I would hire someone out at a price I can afford who is skilled enough to design a somewhat customized logo so I didn’t have to do the work and for that you can turn to sites like Fiverr or freelancer these are sites where you can post a bid like hey I’m willing to pay $100 for someone to design me a logo that looks like this and then qualified artists who are capable of doing what you ask will basically submit a response to your bid and say I’ll do it for a hundred twenty or I’ll do it for the hundred dollars you’re asking for here’s my portfolio and then you can actually pick the right artist for you the one you feel comfortable with and pay them to design you your logo usually there’s an agreed number of revisions like two to five where you can go back and forth and say hey change this color tweak this add a shadow’ here until the logo is to your liking and you didn’t spend a fortune like a thousand dollars or more for a marketing agency to come up with something but whether you choose a name cheeps free option graphic springs photoshop or hiring someone creating a logo is a very important part of branding and getting your brand

established online so definitely do that for your business or your brand if you haven’t done so already so which option did you pick to create your logo I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to Make a Logo For Your Business Easily and For FREE in 5 Minutes

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