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 If you’re trying to grow your brand’s presence on Instagram chances are you’ve tried or at least seen services like link tree link tree is a free solution that allows you to have one link in your Instagram bio and when people tap that link they are given a list of other links to tap if you’re on a content centered business like a YouTube channel or a blog or even a store with a bunch of products a system like link tree is a must when someone is scrolling down your Instagram page and you’re promoting your latest products video or article there’s no way to have a link to that in the post all you can say is hey go to the link in my bio to see this post and if you’re posting three four five times a week even once or twice a day with new content there’s a chance that people may see older posts and they go to the link in your bio and if it’s always linked to your newest post they’re gonna be confused so this is where a system like link tree comes into play maybe they see a post that’s two days old expecting a certain blog post they go to the link in your bio and they see okay this is not the newest blog post but I can tap the fourth link down and that’s what I was looking for so I used link tree for a few months because it seemed like a no-brainer it’s free and simple to use but it wasn’t good enough for me and even the pro version left me unsatisfied and wanting more I’m gonna break down what I like about link tree what I don’t like about link tree and the solution I finally settle on after a lot of searching so first let’s evaluate the free version of link tree it’s as basic as a link system can get you can create unlimited links on your link tree view basic stats like clicks on specific links and the lifetime views of your link tree page itself and you can pick from a few generic link

themes if your only goal is to display a few links for users to pick from when they click the link and your Instagram bio the free version of link tree can definitely fulfill this my issue with link tree is that the free version is incredibly boring I figured the solution was to cough up six dollars a month for the pro version but nope my single biggest issue with link tree is the inability to add pictures and rich content to engage users people don’t like to read when I see link tree pages I immediately think hah I’m staring at a bunch of bland text that all looks the same

which link am I supposed to click as a content creator I’ve become accustomed to drawing people in with visuals select video thumbnails to get viewers to click subtle animations that draw your

attention to a specific element on the page I thought that link tree Pro was the answer I figured they would have thought this stuff out and by paying $6 a month I would unlock access to these types of features well unfortunately these thumbnails advertised in the pro version of link tree are just tiny Mountain customizable squares that go on the right side of the button sure you can do some neat things with this like uploading icons that have the same background color as the button and blend in but it’s definitely not what I was needing and it’s definitely not worth $6 per month the only advantage to link tree Pro is the ability to prioritize links by adding a subtle animation to get users to click the latest link to give credit where credit is due this is one of the methods I like to use on UIs and websites and I’m glad that link tree offers this in the Pearl option but at the end of the day link tree is heavily lacking in both the free and pro

versions if I’m gonna pay six dollars a month for something I needed to work and I need it to work well and have results and I really wasn’t seeing results or a high click-through rate with link tree so I continue to search for the best solution for

there are tons of link tree alternatives Lincoln bio bio dot F M campsite bio and Shore B to name a few many of these alternatives are basically a carbon copy of your Instagram profile and I think that’s just goofy no one wants to tap a link in your Instagram bio just to be presented with a page that looks like your Instagram profile it makes no sense and I don’t think it’s clear that users are supposed to select a particular post to be sent to the link associated with that post this is a more flawed system than link tree and I wouldn’t advise using these systems at all the only link tree alternatives I really like true bio FM and Shermy now by without FM has some cool features you can add YouTube videos with links and buttons and different aspects and blocks to your page I ultimately decided that although it’s free and in my opinion better than link tree I still was looking for something a bit more and something that was more customed to my needs and I kind of felt the same way with Shore be it slick has a lot of customization and it has the rich visual aspects that I miss with link tree but sure because nine dollars a month more than I’m willing to pay for this type of platform so in the end I decided that the best option for me would be to create a custom landing page on my existing WordPress website and optimize it for mobile devices that’s exactly what I did and it was a good move I realized that not everyone is tech savvy enough to do this or maybe you don’t want to put in the time into creating a custom solution but I was able to create the perfect option for me and make the page exactly how I wanted it to appear so if you’re just looking for a simple way to link to several different places then you could try the free version of link tree there’s no harm in that but I think generally speaking by ODOT FM is going to be the best free solution out there that’s a happy media

it’s free but it does let you customize more than link tree does and I think for most people it’s going to be fine but if you want a completely custom solution like I did and you just have a

particular vision in your head of what you want the page to look like it might be worth toying around with WordPress to see if you can create an Instagram bio landing page that you like wordpress.org is a free platform and you can find a decent free WordPress theme that uses Elementor which is a drag-and-drop plugin that’s also free that makes it really easy to build a page and you can get WordPress hosting from hosting or for about twenty-five dollars per year this means that for $35 per year

including your domain name you can have a completely custom landing page where you can do whatever you want to do the trade-off here is that you’ll spend a decent amount of time getting it all set up and editing the page won’t be as easy or convenient as link tree or bio dot F M or Shore B so that’s why if you’re just looking for a super basic way to add multiple links to your Instagram bio I’d stick with the free version of link tree or bio dot FM but if you’re wanting the rich visuals and customization that I was seeking I would recommend creating a landing page through WordPress or Squarespace or Shore B if you don’t mind coughing up for the cost of Squarespace or Shore B because those are easy to use platforms but they’re expensive

of course WordPress is affordable but it’s going to be more work for you so which Instagram link solution did you use I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below 

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I Gave Up on Linktree and You Should Too! | Best Linktree Alternatives


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