Mailchimp Website Builder (Beta) Review | Great Free Website Builder?

MailChimp recently released a website builder they sent me an email like yo hey Christian we got a web site builder that’s now in beta want to try it out for free and I’m like of course I want to try it out for free I’ve used MailChimp for years from my email list you can add up to 2,000 contacts for free and I’ve never paid for MailChimp their free plan has always just been enough for me and they’re powerful drag-and-drop email builder lets me do anything I want

add images big fancy texts social media links so I thought huh I wonder if MailChimp used this drag-and-drop technology and applied that to a website builder and that’s exactly what they did so without further ado let’s dive in let’s head over to my computer and let’s see what the MailChimp website builder has to offer ok so I logged into MailChimp

on my computer and I’m just gonna go ahead and get started and look at the website builder see what it has to offer so over here you can see I’m in my MailChimp account and if I just go to brand and manage website you can see that it is in beta now the website builder is free right now because it’s in beta meaning MailChimp is not charging you extra to use it but there is a big catch and that’s that if you want to connect a domain name you need the higher MailChimp plan for your email list and I think that’s like 15 dollars a month

yeah 15 dollars a month just to connect your domain names so if you actually want to use the MailChimp website builder and have your domain com that’s gonna cost you 15 dollars a month for the free version the website builder you’re just gonna have to deal with your name dot MailChimp sites com or

something like that but let’s just proceed with the

pre-plan and actually see what the MailChimp SiteBuilder has to offer is it worth $15 a month so we can see here it’s automatically created this homepage for me and I can just open this up in a new tab and actually see what we’re working with here just to get a clue on what does the website look like so I see coming soon I’m gonna go back here and see what we can do about that why is it chilling okay so I just have to hit publish okay I don’t want to get feedback right now so now if i refresh boom so this is like the default website that MailChimp generates and I can go in here and I can click content under home and if you’ve used MailChimp for email marketing you’ll notice that this feels very familiar they just took their drag-and-drop email builder and morphed it into a website builder so very familiar you should feel right at home if you use MailChimp’s drag-and-drop email builder okay so I got my logo I’m gonna say insert and MailChimp already makes it the right size for the menu which I think it’s pretty cool so we can have kind of different sections here I can change this to say hi I’m Christian Taylor here is some text about me then I don’t really want this subscribe button so I’m just gonna delete it now

something’s going on here in the background there’s like this little subtle image here so I think that we can actually change that you know what let me just use this it doesn’t really make sense for the website but it gives us a clue that we can have some kind of background here or actually you know what I’d rather just have a color so I can select a color here I can select like a maybe let’s do like a nice brown yeah a nice brown like that and then I’m going to change this text color to light there we go

okay about section and we got a picture here so maybe I can have my picture click this image thing have my profile picture oh and that’s not what I wanted to do okay that’s oh oh I removed a section to restore it click the design tab what okay

whoa weird where’s the design tab MailChimp um oh okay design what but what did I what did I delete what did I hmm ah restore hey it’s back okay so how do i oh here’s the image I wanted to change okay click replace put me as the image now gosh how do I get myself out of this there we go

set a color maybe in just a simple light gray so I got about me contact now what does this actually go to can we do a contact form like create a page like how do I add a page contact okay we’ve got a link alright let me just hit save and publish then let me go in a new tab here and see what this contact button does so here we have our website scroll down click contacts and it just be loads the page

hah okay well one thing’s for sure we have a nice subscribe form here so if you really are into MailChimp that’s kind of useful but some I don’t see an option for

our contact form so as you can see the MailChimp website builder is incomplete at best there is a lot of stuff lacking there’s no sliders I’m not really sure how mobile-friendly this website is the drag-and-drop builder is pretty basic as far as a website builder goes and that price is not working for me $15 a month to be able to connect the domain name now look if you already pay for this $15 a month plan for email marketing and you just want a super basic website and you’re really comfortable with the drag-and-drop builder that MailChimp gives you four emails then I think maybe this website builder will be a fit for you but if you love MailChimp and you were thinking of subscribing just because of their website builder don’t do it Squarespace is a much better value at sixteen dollars a month so a dollar a month more or cheaper if you buy the annual plan and Squarespace has

everything you need video backgrounds carousels sliders fancy buttons contact forms ecommerce sections

Squarespace can do it all there’s other way more qualified website builders out there such as Squarespace Wix WordPress even Weebly that can make a much better website then the MailChimp website builder for cheaper the only case where I would use the MailChimp website builder is if you just need a very simple landing page to collect leads like you want people to subscribe to your email list you could create a super simple page for that if you’re already paying the $15 a month and MailChimp has been doing basic landing pages for years so I think they just took that and they’re like yeah let’s just take that and our drag-and-drop

email list builder and just boom website builder but MailChimp I’m not letting you off the hook it’s not that easy and there is a lot of stuff missing this is not ready this is not complete

I think MailChimp has a solid year plus of work to do before I think this is gonna be developed enough for me to take another look at it and possibly

recommend it as a viable option so what do you guys think are you gonna give the MailChimp website builder a shot or are you using something else I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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