My habit of buying domain from namecheap and hosting from dreamhost

A lot of times friends and colleagues ask me why i have a habit of buying domains from namecheap or even godaddy and host it on dreamhost. Well i will explain why i do that in a minute. You are humbly welcome to blognoscenti where we talk tech, mostly web hosting.

What is namecheap

Namecheap is a top domain provider in the world. It host more than 10 million active domains and it my favorite site for buying domains. I love namcheap because it has a very clean interface and offer domains at a very cheap price.

What is dreamhost

Dreamhost is also one of the top hosting providers in the world. They also host more than 2 million active domains. They offer shared hosting, dedicated hosting, vps hosting and cloud hosting. They have one of the cheapest hosting packages on the market, i often go for their vps packages.

The big question ” Why i buy domain from namcheap and host on dreamhost?

The norm is to buy domain and host it exactly where you bought the domain from. So if i bought the domain from dreamhost i will host it at dreamhost the same way many buy domain from namecheap and host at namecheap.

Normally it is easier to buy and host the domain at the same provider, hosting at another provider requires some technological knowledge and am a tech guy so no problem.

The real reason i buy domain from namecehap and host at another dreamhost.

Namecheap offers domains at a very cheap price and that is why i love buying domains from them, also their dashboard is very clean and neat. Navigation is easier but looking at reviews namecheap is infamous when it comes to hosting.

Dreamhost is very good when it comes to hosting but doesnt offer domains at a cheap price. Their hosting panel, even though dreamhost doesnt not offer cpanel, is simple and clean.


Always check where you can get both domains and hosting at a competitive price, dont go cheap else you will end up with a hosting company with many troubles such as many downtimes.

Sometimes you can get the best hosting at provider A and cheap domains at provider B, just go for it. Sometimes you can also get both affordable domains and hosting from the same provider, that is even better.

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