Top 10 Best Car Selling Websites in Nigeria (2020)

There are host of internet sites from Nigeria to market your own car online straight forward. Whether it is next hand, a car or tokumbo car, those auto selling sites listed here are trusted and will be relied upon to obtain an automobile from.

Before I proceed further, notice that the practice of getting the car from the source in a free manner with these websites are almost same while they have continued to send to the public vehicle service that is reliable to earn trust.

In no specific order, below is a checklist of the top ten car selling internet sites you can rely for buying and selling cars in Nigeria.


Carmudi just recently changed its name into”Jumia Car”. This platform is touted now using reputable car dealers and individual sellers.

Car 4-5

Are you searching for car traders or an online platform that makes the procedure for purchasing and selling of cars easy, then strive Cars45, On their web site you can see bidding for cars in realtime moving on actively. Therefore, if you are a car seller or want to buy cars and sometimes fresh, it’s also advisable to take to this stage.


If you proceed through Carxus portal, you’ll find out this particular web site don’t only sell cars alone but additional range of vehicles such as trucks, ships, and motorcycle.


Cheki works together with thousands of car retailers and is just a wonderful online market place for buying and selling cars. Cheki internet site gets the process of buying or selling cars online easy at inexpensive prices according to your budget.


Although we know Olx for a place where it is possible to virtually buy and sell unique item on the web in Nigeria, tokumbo cars may also be sold there. This stage is normal among Nigerians. We information that you obey the guidelines whenever you want to proceed and set car or buy a vehicle that is secondhand so as not to fall victim of fraudsters that prey.


Jiji has been demonstrated to be a trusted marketplace for selling or purchasing items like cars, mobiles e.t.c.. They’ve the site which links buyers and sellers in the 36 states of the federation. Whatever the variety of your price isalso, Jiji promises to serve you exactly the kind of car that suits your finances.

Nigeria Car-Mart

Yet another trusted online marketplace for cars is Nigeria Car-Mart. Apart from the simplicity of utilizing this particular platform, you can request for any car model even though its not on also their representatives and the platform may get back to you. Also with this site, you can get in touch to a car dealer near you personally or private seller.

Launched Autos

Launched Automobiles tend to be more than just a car dealership site while they also offer you a wide assortment of services which range from selling new new car or used cars, car diagnostics and repair solutions, auto baking, sales of vehicle tracking systems as well as personalization and upgrade of car kits. Based customers reviews and ratings, they are one of those very few car selling web sites in Nigeria yo can trust on.


Connecting buyers and sellers of cars have been among the areas where Efritin stands out. This popular online place can be a good place to market your car etc..

Cheap Automobiles

This auto selling internet site also offers quality service also and for car sellers buyers. It was started in1997 and have offices in both Ikeja and Lekki. Cheap Automobiles have both offline and online presence. They are. They’re known to offer a wide array of brands like: Toyota, Benz, Pajero, Lexus, Honda and Nissan. In addition they run maintenance and repair services.


Trust is something which is not easy to offer as it’s to take care of online transactions. We are aware that fraudsters defraud people of these earns money and still implements prices to run, while we could vouch for most of the car selling websites.

If you feel that you never trust any of these market places, you’re able to visit an auto dealer near an offline dealer with online presence so that buying or selling your cars might be easy and convenient for you.

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