Ultimate Local SEO Cheat Sheet For Small Businesses Blog Video

alright let’s talk about 7 free tips to drive you more website traffic you’re probably a small business owner or entrepreneur you have a website you’re looking to get more traffic and more customers my name is Matt founder momentum this is another momentum Monday blog where I’m gonna go over these 7 tips and tricks to get you more website traffic if you haven’t seen the videos before make sure you hit that like or subscribe or follow button we post this all over social media youtube linkedin facebook instagram just try to provide value to you all the small business owners so stick with me as we go through these 7 tips 1 let’s start with SEO that’s the best source for us it’s a free organic source where you can rank higher on Google and other search engines to get you more business how do we do this it’s not easy it can be complicated but there are things that you can do to help grow your SEO and improve that to get more search traffic for the keywords people things are searching online to drive more traffic to your site so things that I would suggest work with your developer or marketer to increase your page speed Google really cares about how fast your website’s loading especially in mobile devices make sure it loads in less than 3 seconds and also make sure to optimize for mobile make sure people can click all the buttons surf around the website get the information they need because they also care about user experience which is built into the factors for the algorithm for you to rank higher organically which is SEO also make sure you put in the metadata which is basically all the pages on your website having titles and descriptions and you know tagging and compressing images those are really important last but not least for SEO if your local business really make sure you optimize your Google my business listing and all the local listings that are affiliated with a local business number 2 is content for content that’s essentially seen as you know either written content and for my blogs or articles video content

whether it’s you know short or long form videos on your website or even you know audio content if you have a podcast on your these are things that are drive traffic to your website by then sharing that content well in social media you know sending it in emails driving people by using that content it’s something valuable people want to you know read watch or hear bringing them to your website and something I also say is you don’t have to recreate the wheel see what other people in your industry you’re posting or talking about and do something similar and put your own spin on it your own brand of it and also reduce reuse recycle like the same is true if you’ve created something similar before but it might be outdated now just reuse it in you know throw a different spin on it that’s relevant to what’s happening in the current economy or what’s happening now and content doesn’t need to be as long as it used to be so just make sure you’re providing value in here you’re getting to the point with your content a third way to get traffic social media this is a pretty obvious one as well posting and optimizing to social media don’t just post a post even we get cotton that track some type of like just wanting to post but make sure you’re posting something valuable something people want to to read or watch or learn more about post something that your consumers your customers your clients want to know more about put yourself in their shoes and make it creative make it unique see what other people are doing in your industry that’s getting a lot of shares or likes or or follows and do something like that you don’t need to post boring stuff when you happen so create unique social media content and repurpose that content based on the platform for example the same content you post on Facebook might be different from Instagram and different from YouTube or LinkedIn they’re all different platforms and they’re all consumed differently so number three focuses on social media number four email and this isn’t just email

marketing this could even be emailing to friends or colleagues or

workers or family this could be having something in your signature which you know catches people’s attention that clicks and links off your website whether it’s like a free tool a case study a testimonial drive the traffic from your signatures and emails to your website but then you can also use email marketing campaigns you know collecting different emails making sure they want your content they’ve

subscribed can send them relevant information make sure you segment your email lists based on who the users aren’t where they came from

did they want to learn more about this service or this service this product or this product segment the email list and send them relevant useful informative content in the emails

number five is directories directories is another unique way to get traffic to your website

there’s directories for a lot of different things you know similar to you know how certain websites will have directories talking about like the hundred best bars in Philadelphia well there’s also directories for dentists lawyers and contractors and roofers and pretty much most industries that are very popular habit directory I believe you can go to whites Park they have a lot of directory SEO information there directories or most of the time free to get listed you know put your name number email get verified and make sure you backlink to your website from the directory so you can start driving traffic plus it helps for SEO so some of these are paid some longer free but make sure you sign up for these directories number 6 would be events so host and hold events whether it’s your own company in your own event

or working with in partnership for another event so you can have an event for whatever your business service provides or products that you offer do some sort of pop-up event do some sort of invite only do some sort of fun or charitable event and in the event you can have people RSVP and register from your website now you’ve actually tagged and cookie them into remark into that because they’ve been to your website so create events host school events make sure they are to be doing your website and post content about that events well in social media driving them to your website it’s relevant useful things that are going on they’ll bring people to your website which increases your traffic last but not least this one’s kind of unique create a free tool or free service free opt-in on your website what this is it’s something that provides value immediate value free value where people can come to your website in expectation of getting something valuable in return but in doing so make sure you collect their contact information for example let’s say you run a marketing company we have a free tool on our website where they can get a free SEO live so we can put this out on social media and email signatures we can post about it in our blog content driving traffic to the website about them opting in to get a free SEO on it so you know whether you’re a lawyer and you want to give like a free evaluation or free

consultation whether you want to do some sort of pricing calculator

you know think of ways that you can incorporate free tools on your website to drive traffic where it’s valuable and useful so there you have it the top seven you know ways that you can increase traffic to your website to drive new business I hope this was helpful if you have any other ways that I haven’t talked about or any ideas questions comments concerns make sure you post a comment below

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