Why Ghanaians are loving Netflix against all odds

Welcome to blognoscenti we will talk digital, today we will be discussing about why ghanaians love nextflix against all odds. Netflix has been around for for more than 22 years, it’s into media service and production. Netflix became popular in Ghana recently, about 4 years ago.

Will nextflix survive in Ghana

When nextflix started marketing to ghana through facebook ads and google ads , that was the first time i heard of nextflix, my thought was will nextflix survive? This is because data in Ghana is expensive. Most people use internet in their via their smartphones so if they want to watch nextflix it will probably be on their phones or tablets.

Another factor was payment method. Most Ghanaians were not accustomed to buying or paying for stuff online. This is due to cyber security issues, no one want to wake up one morning to see his bank account empty, and the banks knows this so their cards are lot accessible outside the country.

Banks now automatically add online transaction capabilities to bank visa/mastercard

First to do an online transaction you have to call your bank to enable that feature but now every card has the capability of transacting online. This is good news for foreign service providers as many people in Ghana have credit cards

Netflix data packages

Another great news is some telcos in Ghana such as MTN and Vodafone offer unlimited access to netflix via their data packages. I dont know if there was an agreement between netflix and the telcos or the telcos provided this services out of goodwill.

Against all odds Netflix is doing well

Against the odds of expensive data package and payment barrier nextflix is still thriving in Ghana. More and more people are sharing their favorite netflix series, movies and shows on their facebook timeline

The most popular nextflix series in Ghana

Netflix has won the heart of most ghanaian movie lovers with one of their top series, Money Heist. Yes money heist is the most watched nextflix series in Ghana.


Netflix proved that with determination and persistence barriers can be broken. Thanks for reading and please share this post

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