Why i love buying domains from namecheap

Who doesn’t love namecheap cheap domains. Today i will talk about my love for namcheap domains. Currently i have over 40 domains on namecheap, i know you are wondering what i will be doing with 40 domains am actually a web developer with many clients.

Namecheap domains

Namecheap has been selling domains for decades now and offers the lowest domains prices on the market, if you are on budget then i will advise you to get a domain from namecheap.

You can buy domains for as little as 1$, you can also buy .com, .net, .org domains cheaply using the namecheap coupons

Namecheap coupons

Namecheap offers coupons for domains monthly, this is one of my secrets to buying domains cheaply. You can add the coupons when you get to checkout and it will automatically be added to your final total reducing the final price to be paid.

Visit this page for the latest namecheap coupons. The good thing is they also offer coupons for hosting as well.

Namecheap shared hosting

Namecheap also offer hosting services. Namecheap offers dedicated hosting, vps hosting, enterprise web hosting, cloud hosting and shared hosting. We will talk about the shared hosting shortly.

Namecheap shared hosting cheapest on the market

Do you know you can get a website with just $1 per month, namecheap has one of the cheapest shared hosting plan on the market. You can buy both hosting and domain from them.


Namecheap should be your choice if you are on a tight budget, they offer really good hosting and domains at at really cheap price. Thanks for reading and please share.

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