WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping – Setup Tips Using Quantity Formula

how to calculate shipping rates for your ecommerce store just using the United States Post Office website and I created this map which is just kind of a quick estimate of

shipping a one pound coffee bag to different places in the US using this green X as a kind of a base address in Virginia and then shipping to five different locate actually four different locations just to get a basic idea of costs so I figured out that it’s seven sixty five to eight ninety five to ship from the to the farthest place or the closest place and these are just

estimates to get a rough idea of where to start so I’m now going to show you how to put these rates into WooCommerce every e-commerce platform is different and they’re gonna give you different shipping options but they’re all fairly similar in their flat rate shipping options WooCommerce is really popular and I’m using it for this coffee seller right now to help him set up his

shipping so I thought this would be helpful to you just to kind of

understand my thought process and what WooCommerce offers you in terms of flat rate shipping so I’m logged in to this website here and to get to the shipping rates or the shipping options in

WooCommerce you would go to school commerce and then settings and then click on the shipping tab I’ve already done some setup in here so the first thing you’ll set up is shipping zones so for this I’m using East US middle and western US so you can add States to this but in my case the West would be you know over in this area

I might separate it something like this so I’d have the East States over here middle and then West so I’m gonna have three different shipping zones you don’t have to do this or you could split it up even further I haven’t added all the states yet but let me just show you the options within each zone so if I click on East US first I add my state’s I can even do it by zip code

and then I add my shipping method so I’m gonna offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount purchase and then for ground shipping I’m calling the ground shipping but you could call this

priority us or UPS whatever you want to call it depending on what you’re using and then here’s where you add your cost so you could just add four dollars for example but the more advanced options that WooCommerce gives you our quantity and then percentage fee so here are the examples of that so you could do like $10 plus 2 times the quantity that was ordered so here they explained it to base shipping cost of $10 plus $2 for each item in the cart or you can use the fee percent which is what I’m gonna use which is a base shipping cost of $20 in this case plus 10% of the order which is at least $4 so that’s here 20 is the base and then the fee percent is 10% but the fee is always a minimum of $4 so here’s what I came up with for my fee it’s a $4 base and then the fee percent is 16 and then the minimum fee is 365 and I’m doing that based on the cost that I found in the shipping calculator and then here are my three different fees for my three different zones so I’ve East middle and west with West being the most expensive so it the base is higher at 465 and then the percent is higher at 20 the minimum fee actually goes down because I was basically doing some simple math to keep it at the minimum or keep it at the price of a flat rate box which I could ship

anywhere in the US so basically what I did is I pasted these rates into each of my ground shipping rates for my

different zones so for East I did the East and then for middle I pasted it into my ground shipping rate so now what I’m gonna do is create some sample carts and see how they calculate the rate and if it’s kind of close to what I

estimated in the U P usps shipping calculator so there’s a quick way to do this in the

cart in WooCommerce but in order for it to work you’re gonna have to go to shipping and then shipping options and make sure that enable the shipping calculator on the cart page is checked this will turn on this option here for calculating your shipping rather than going to the next page

so my first zip code that I’m testing is California actually Los Angeles zip code and with a quantity of one if I update the cart it will calculate it is eight dollars and four cents shipping so it’s pretty close so because for one I had $8.95 but I also have the option of shipping at flat rate for 790 so eight dollars and four cents is okay but again I could I could change that by going back to my West shipping zone where California is editing that and changing these numbers it’s like if I added this to if I added 30 cents to this and click Save let’s go back to the cart and refresh it then my ground shipping goes up by 30 cents now if I add another bag of coffee to the cart and click update it’s not going to double but it’s gonna add a percentage of my total price so 20 percent of the total price or a minimum of three dollars and 25 cents so after adding that it comes to 1173 and I had calculated that two bags would cost 1298 to ship to this address so I’m a little low so I might want to adjust that a little bit I probably would adjust this fee percentage or the minimum whichever makes sense to get that to the correct amount then I could go back and I could try you know three bags and updating that just to see if that’s gonna work you have to make some changes to your rate in order to get it to work with different quantities so my next step would probably be to enter another zip code like maybe one in the East Zone and then test that out and see if the prices make sense and then adjust the shipping zone rate or I should say the

ground shipping rate for the East Zone would be adjusted here to make those numbers match my estimated cost of actual shipping so everybody is business in shipping rates are gonna be a little bit different maybe you have different size products that’s gonna affect it but hopefully this just helps you understand how you can use shipping rates in WooCommerce with their flat rate

shipping which is built in to the free WooCommerce plugin and seeing my thought process is just gonna help you

understand how to go through your own process for your ecommerce store it’s all linked to another video here that’s going to help you out with shipping rates in Shopify which is a similar process and we’ll see you there

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