WordPress Web Hosting for $21.76/yr? | Hostinger Black Friday Sale + More

Black Friday is upon us and I felt that maybe we would just see the typical consumer sales you know the big TVs Apple products technology cooking stuff just you know regular Black Friday stuff but oh no these hosting companies and domain registrar’s are coming in hot with some pretty impressive sales so stay tuned to the video having quality web hosting is a critical part of running your business with so many options on the market it can be

difficult to decide which host is right for you there are tons of options ranging from cheap to expensive but expensive doesn’t always mean the best quality or value a few months back I did an ultimate web hosting comparison video and in that video I recommended hosting her as the best overall option now hosting er is having a Black Friday sale so I thought it’d be a good time to take another look at their services and features and the value it offers but before I talk features if you’re

watching this video after Black Friday don’t check out hosting are still offers very affordable hosting all year and I still think it’s going to be a great option for you hosting her has a

phenomenal balance between value

functionality and support right now for 21 dollars and 76 cents you can get a year of basic web hosting when you use the coupon code kraler made I wanted to make this video to prove that having a website doesn’t have to be expensive Wix Squarespace and other website builders can get costly but if you want to launch a blog or basic web site please don’t let the cost hold you back

wordpress is absolutely free to use buy a domain name for around $9 per year and get a year of web hosting for twenty one dollars and 76 cents and you have a perfectly functional wordpress blog for thirty dollars a year now just a quick note about hosting nurse pricing well they are having a Black Friday sale at the moment I’ve seen these same exact prices at hosting er a few months prior to Black Friday you can get an

additional discount with my promo code which is nice but I wouldn’t purchase web hosting if you aren’t ready to buy yet just because it’s Black Friday the biggest thing about hosting or that bothers me is that they use these manufactured pressure tactics to try and get you to buy now when you visit their website you’ll see some sort of

countdown claiming the sale ends in two days or that it’s some huge ninety percent off sale don’t fall for it the countdown timer just resets back to two days when you refresh the page and it’s definitely not ninety percent off from hosting errs normal price hosting er is having a Black Friday sale right now and they did tell me that the prices will fluctuate throughout the year so prices will likely go up just a bit in January but don’t buy now just to save a few extra bucks if you aren’t ready to build your website yet you can still get very affordable and reasonably priced web hosting from hosting er any time of the year but with that out of the way if you are looking for the best deal on web hosting now is a good time to buy I absolutely love hosting errs intuitive easy to use panel and their commitment to providing a fast high-quality

customer support experience hosting our makes it simple to get started as soon as you purchase a web hosting plan you’ll have the option to install WordPress and start building your website right away it’s nice that hosting or pre installs a speed

optimization plug-in when they install WordPress and they really give you everything you need to get started with a blog or business landing page with their cheapest plan overall I’ve been more than impressed with hosting ER and I think they’re a great choice for affordable and powerful web hosting if you aren’t sure if hosting er is right for you be sure to check out my

comparison video where I take a close look

several different hosting companies so you can see which one you like best and as for the hosting or Black Friday sale now is a good time to purchase web hosting if you are in the market but you can also get affordable hosting from hosting or even after the sale ends I also want to point out that dreamhost another house that I am particularly a fan of says they’re gonna be having a sale starting on November 29th so keep that in mind if you’re watching this video around that time I will have that linked in the description below as well and one more thing if you’re in the market for domains my absolute favorite Black Friday sale of the year is the Namecheap Black Friday sale this is where they give away dot-com domains for like 90 cents a year usually for the first year you can get email hosting for like a dollar for the year and a year of web hosting for like five or six dollars if I remember so definitely make sure to check that out if you happen to be watching this on Black Friday they do it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday only so it’s not like other companies where they have like a two-week period where the sale happens ah you got to be ready at your computer on Black Friday or Cyber Monday if you’re gonna take advantage of the Namecheap sale but it is definitely my favorite sale of the year so I’ll leave a link to that down below as well so that’s it those are the main Black Friday deals I’ve wanted to highlight I’m never for just blowing money on Black Friday because you want to buy stuff and just because it’s a big sale so really truthfully please only buy if you need to buy but if you’re in the market for web hosting or domains hopefully this video helped you out if you like this video do be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell so you don’t miss when I release new videos and with that said I will catch you guys next time.

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