WordPress Website Maintenance – What NEEDS To Be Done and How Much It Will Cost

I’m gonna talk about maintaining a wordpress site so there are millions of you who have WordPress websites whether someone else built it or you built it yourself but you

probably want to know what needs to be done to maintain a wordpress site so I’ve been building websites on WordPress for over 10 years and I currently host and maintain over 300 WordPress websites so in this video I’m going to cover the critical tasks in my opinion to

maintaining a wordpress site I’m also going to show you some examples of companies that can maintain the website for you and show you what they charge and what they include I actually host and maintain WordPress sites myself so I’ll also give you some information about my service at the end of the video so make sure to stay tuned to the end so one of the most common parts of

WordPress website maintenance is

updating the theme the WordPress

software itself and the plugins so updating your WordPress theme is going to depend on what theme you’re using every theme developer has a little bit different process for updating your theme but many of them allow for quick automatic updates again you’re gonna want to make sure your site is backed up because the theme update can be a big deal and could potentially break some things on your site so within WordPress you could go to dashboard and then updates to see all the updates that are available including themes so in my case I’m using the Divi theme I can simply click check it right here and click update themes and I’m confident that it’s gonna not break the website because I’ve updated Divi hundreds of times and I do have a backup in place you can also go to appearance and themes to check your themes and to update them if an update is available in order to update paid themes you’re probably gonna have to have some kind of authorization with the theme developer this might be an API key or it might be some kind of username password login in order to authorize your license and update the theme automatically so as we talk through each of these different areas of WordPress website maintenance I do want to show you these

examples of companies that I found that will maintain your websites for you so now that we’ve talked about updating the software let’s just look at a couple of these I have to pulled up that I just found after a quick search they both range from 78 dollars a month to a couple hundred dollars a month to maintain a wordpress website and they do include WordPress updates and it says just work updating the WordPress core and your plugins this site does not mention the theme updates

this one says manage WordPress updates as well and then plug in theme updates I think they mean plug-in so again we’re starting at $70 to $97 per month for this type of maintenance so the next part of WordPress website maintenance I want to mention is just content updates so you might be able to do these updates yourself and by content updates I just mean updating any content on the website whether it’s text images adding new pages maybe changing the design a little bit maybe this is something you want to do on your own and you’re confident in doing or maybe you need to pay someone to do these types of updates so in the case of these two companies I’m showing you as an example this site does not mention any type of development or hours per month until you get to the – 89 level which says you get two hours per month and then they say dedicated developer hours that just means they’re gonna have the same person working with you on a regular basis this company says unlimited tasks at on all these levels so that I assume that means they’ll do any updates for you and the content of your website so in my WordPress

maintenance and hosting package I do include up to two hours of content updates per month and that’s usually fine for most of my clients so the next thing I want to mention in WordPress website maintenance is uptime monitoring and this is just making sure your website is online so it can go offline for a lot of reasons a lot of my clients have sites go down

they don’t renew their domain so I don’t monitor this for people but um they should be getting emails from their domain registrar and I usually recommend putting a domain on auto-renew if it’s an active website so that your site does not go down because of not renewing a domain name sites can also go down for maybe going over a bandwidth limit or maybe a storage limit so those are the main reasons that a website goes down so I would automatically monitor your storage if you get into your quotas I would take care of that so let’s see what these other companies offer so this one has uptime monitoring at two hundred and ninety dollar level so they say this is an automated system so that’s a lot to pay obviously two to ninety you can also use plugins to monitor uptime on your website or your host would have some type of uptime monitoring so the next thing I want to talk about is backups I mentioned that earlier backups of your website are obviously very important just so that you don’t lose your website and as you’re doing these different updates and maintenance tasks if anything breaks you want to make sure you have a backup in place so I actually did a whole video on backing up

WordPress website I talked about plugins and maybe backup options with your hosting company so you could check out that video I’ll link to it here so these two example companies I’m showing you this one has daily off-site backups on all of their plans it looks like they don’t mention it on these includes everything yeah so it’s in all their plans and this one says site backup so it doesn’t say off-site off-site would mean that it’s a backup on a different server so that if something happens that one server and the backup is also on that server you might lose the backup at the same time so there’s definitely a value in backups but you can get this with your hosts so it’s not a huge value in these maintenance packages that these companies are offering if I was to go to Hostgator for example you could get WordPress hosting with backups included for as little as six dollars per month so the value of a backup server

if someone’s offering you that with WordPress maintenance is probably worth a few dollars per month and there’s different quality of backups as well on my server actually have a few levels of backups I have an on server backup I have an off-site backup that is actually done continuously or like on the hour and I have a third level backup which is also off-site to Amazon web servers so the next part of maintenance I want to mention is security monitoring a lot of people are worried about their site getting hacked or something happening on their site I have been hosting WordPress sites for years and have found that the main way that sites get hacked is if you just have a really weak password so a lot of server environments or hosting environments don’t even allow weak passwords and WordPress has ways of enforcing password requirements to make sure all passwords are strong but there even if you have strong password things can happen so you do want to make sure that you have security monitoring my server has high level of security at the server level so not even within

WordPress but at the server level to kind of manage different exploits that are common and shut those down so if we look at these two example companies they say they have 27 24/7 security

monitoring in this company says they don’t really mention security monitoring that I can see so there are some plugins you can use for WordPress security there’s one called word fence that is free and also as a paid version I often use that on sites that I host when they’re having kind of a higher level of attacks one common type of attack is called a brute-force login attempt where a hacker might be trying to log into your website just testing thousands of passwords and common username password combinations and that could cause a spike in your your bandwidth which could shut down your website potentially so that has to be monitored and you have to block those attempts to keep your website functioning and online another thing that a lot of wordpress website owners need is just technical support so out of the 300 or so

websites that I host clients contact me often because there

he changes themselves on their website but they just need kind of a higher level of technical support they just have a question that they can’t answer so it’s good to have someone you can contact to get a higher level of

personal service than you would get from just a hosting company because if you were on like a $5 month hosting plan with like Hostgator or GoDaddy you can contact them for some technical support but it’s going to be limited they’re not going to do specific things on your website but they will do some types of technical support so if we look at these two example websites in terms of

technical support they say this company says they have a support portal access and then friendly professional support and it’s by WordPress experts so you’re probably going to get a higher level of support with a maintenance plan for WordPress compared to just a typical hosting package with a hosting company this one says is us-based support chat and email support and then phone support at these higher levels so with all my clients I do offer phone and email support and most tasks get done same day or within 24 to 48 hours at the most so another thing that’s important with website maintenance is just reporting maybe audits or maybe search engine optimization first of all with SEO or search engine optimization I mean you could pay thousands for that so I wouldn’t expect to get too much for you know WordPress maintenance plans that are under 100 dollars per month for reporting I would usually recommend just setting up Google Analytics on your site so whoever creates your website could probably do this for you I would do this for my clients for like a one hour fee and this would allow you to kind of check your own analytics and data on your website so I’ve done a couple videos on Google Analytics I’ll also link to a post where I have a few of those videos and let’s see what these other companies mentioned in terms of reporting on this low level plan there’s no reporting this company has a monthly health report on their $289 plan in this company mentions tasks reporting

and then a quarterly site health report and they do mention Google Analytics on these higher plans as well so Google Analytics is just a one-time fee so when these companies list that and then charge you monthly for it it should just be a one-time setup fee so when you’re looking for these WordPress maintenance plans keep in mind some of them include hosting some of them do not on my WordPress maintenance plan I do include hosting and it’s a high-level

professional hosting because I’m on a dedicated server with only my clients other companies might offer different types of hosting so not all hosting is created equal so make sure you know what you’re getting with your hosting if we look at these two example websites this one does not mention hosting anywhere so I don’t think they include it or offer it and then this one mentions premium hosting on Amazon servers as being optional so that should give you an idea of everything that should be done with WordPress maintenance and also just kind of showing you a few examples of

companies that offer it so it’s usually from 50 to 100 dollars at the lowest level so that should allow you to kind of understand the value of these

different things what you might be able to do on your own and if it’s worth paying people I do want to link to my hosting and maintenance plan so you can actually find that link in the

description and I’m not going to list my price on the video because that could change in the future but I will say that it’s probably gonna be half or close to half of the two that I showed you in this video and probably offers more value so you gotta watch out make sure to do some price shopping and make sure to check out my option as well if you are going to manage your WordPress site on your own make sure to subscribe to my channel because I do a lot of wordpress videos I’ll link to my WordPress

playlist here and you can go check out the next video we’ll see you there

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