WPX Hosting: Simple One-Click WordPress Installation

 I’d like to show you how to install a wordpress website on WP xhosting now to be fully transparent I’man affiliate for wpx hosting but I have been using them for a good few years now and they are honestly one of the besthosts if not the best host and I’m Talking about managed hosting for WordPress on the internet I highly recommend them and if you want to signup for a new account I would really appreciate it if you use my link you’ll find that in the description below so let’s jump into wpx hosting and i’ll show you how to install WordPress when you add a new website to your account so here we go I’m just gonna log in to my wpx hosting account so this is what the backend looks like and the first thing you want to do is click on my services and then WordPress hosting you can hover over this link and then click WordPress hosting and then click on manage all sites in this account and then on the Left you can click on websites now keep in mind that I did connect with wpx hosting using their live chat at the bottom right here and I’ve already asked them to add this new domain to my account so this is one thing you want to do after you’re registering a new domain name you want to log into your wpx hosting account connect with them overlive chat and just ask them to add the domain to your account and this is another great thing about wpx hosting is they have amazing real time live chat support on their website they always take only a second or two to respondI’ve used them as I said for a few years and every single time I connect to them via live chat they are available and online so that’s been absolutely amazing so for this instance I’m gonna be installing wordpress for this new site at the bottom here so what I want to dois next to the site that you want to install is you want to click on install WP + WP obviously stands for WordPress well this might take a few seconds so there we go it says install WordPress on this domain and it says it looks you don’t have any existing installs under this domain you can now go ahead and install WordPress by clicking on the link below

so next I’m gonna click on this link and it is asking me to fill in a few details the database name the admin email the admin username and then a password I can also generate a

and then I have a checkbox here ignore existing WordPress install if any what I’m gonna do is I’m going to generate a password there we go and then I’m going to click on deploy WordPress again this might take a few seconds okay so I have the message WordPress successfully installed on the selected domain yourWordPress admin user and that’s my admin user and then your WordPress admin password I’m obviously gonna be blurring that out so I’m just gonna copy thatto my notepad so once you’ve copied yourusername and your password you can excethis art and I’m assuming I’ve received an email now so let me just check on that so there we go here’s my email client and I have indeed received a new email new WordPress site and it’s your new WordPress ID has been successfully set up at this domain you can log in to the administrator account with the following information and I cant click on this link with his log in here so that’ll take me to my wordpress login page and now you use your username and your password that was provided to login to your WordPress installation then you click login so there we go this is a brand new fresh installation ofWordPress on wpx hosting so there we go that’s wpx hosting if you’re interested in upgrading your WordPress hosting or signing up for a new WordPress host I Highly recommend them


WPX Hosting: Simple One-Click WordPress Installation

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